You don’t do Pad Thai in this Thai restaurant (Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown)

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Tony visits Lotus of Siam, considered the best Thai restaurant in Vegas and “uniquely superb” at northern Thai cuisine.


Elliot Lee says:

Yes, someone should punch you in the face when you say someone should punch you in the face.

MLA says:

Freaking foodie snobs. I have been all around Thailand and have been to Cambodia. It's all good and quite the variety. If you like Pad Thai, eat Pad Thai. If you like Tom yum Goong, eat it. Same goes for the spicy papaya salad. Ignore holier than thou like these guys. They are pushing an agenda anyway. Be it a book, a television show, or that restaurant they are dining in. To say you should only eat the food from northern Thailand is BS and I doubt that food they were eating is 100% authentic anyway. Most of the local food in Thailand is spicy hot as hell. They chile the crap out of everything. And if you want to eat truly Thai food, from all regions, get ready to eat a lot of insects. Frogs. Bats. Also they eat some of the less desirable parts of animals as well.

Phola Ly says:

the food they are eating is laos food not thai

t5e2 says:

never knew Thai food is so meat heavy – since they're predominately Buddhists.

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