WHERE TO PARTY in Patong, Phuket

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It was too early to enter illuzion so i walked along bangla road to the beach. People watching at one end of Bangla road. A beer would set you back 200b or if you pay 800b, you can drink as much as you can till 1am. But i heard people said the drinks have been watered down so you basically drinking sweetened liquid. I’m no rich kid so i go for the cheaper option 200b beer. I did not know we can enter without even buying any drink. Got my beer i headed upstairs to check out the view. It was still early. People were just listening music chatting to each other. The settings were nice. You have two stairs going the upper flloors and a huge dance floor in the middle. Some were drunk some were dancing at 2am while i was completely sober and walked around filming. It was difficult to find a good spot upstairs. It can get very packed. I’d say 90% were farangs. No, maybe 99%. Pick up a girl for some fun is easy here. Just be nice and gentlemen. At 2.30am, you don’t mess around becuz most of the mens were drunk. They don’t even walk a straight line. Some were just pushing people away. It was annoying. I captured their menu with all prices for your reference. I hope you enjoy this video.

Thank you all for watching my channel. I hope to continue posting better videos and improve the channel with better contents and give values to the people.

Buy me a Beer 🙂

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Daniel Pearson says:

Your camera work is crap, mostly male crouches and the sky.

Willie Williams says:

DUDE !!!!!!
Amazing vid thanks … the only way to flight for me …. thanks again …..

Kennie MusicLovers says:

why are you allowed to video this palce ? strange…they usually don't allow videoing ?

Sean in Wonderland says:

you're just there trapped, tourist trapped. I recommend you to spend $80 USD, take a flight to Pattaya and enjoy yourself if you like the night life. Every thing is half of the price of the Phuket and twice as much better with more variety, so you'd be getting 4 times value and you'd make your $80 back in just 1 or 2 days in values. You wouldn't have to deal with so much rain fall either. Check the climate and rainfall through google for Phuket and Pattaya for November and even December and you'll be shocked when you see the difference.https://youtu.be/6NflGe70EtY

Darry says:

you can get a Trained Monkey to do what them DJs do….

Darry says:

will i get more for my money if i take English pounds and exchange them for Thai Bhat when I'm there.?

Moe Al Ferarri says:

Does the girl carrying the tray works there?! @15:30 she's the prettiest!

Rodney Gaul says:

That house DJ needs fired or some serous lessons on how to do it . The average 12 year old from any Western country could do better .

rafal sobol says:

hahaha wtf 500 bat good club not ilusion alko all inclusive

Sobhy Ahmed says:

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Robbi D says:

Disco techs are BORING and I'll tell you why. I partied for decades in New York City and I stayed away from them after a few times. Because they are so large, and attract the so-called rich or snobby crowd, your surrounded by people who are so into LOOKING cute and acting uppity and entitled, which draws the fun and air out of the place. Its not as intimate as the bars or smaller clubs along the street where people are easier to see because you're not in the DARK. People's mood change instantly when they're in a big room where they can't clearly see who is around them. It makes them cautious-even nervous to some extent. The men can't really feel free to say anything to a woman if he's looking for someone single because her man maybe lurking just 5 feet away in the dark and then you have a fight on your hands for trying to pick her up. And that's another thing-too many couples attend these disco techs, which means there is usually 200 men and only 5 single women available in the crowd. So you're NOT going to meet anyone at these types of clubs unless you're hooking up with other couples and people who happen to bring a few girls along you can meet. Plus, the women in these disco techs are usually very snotty and born with the worst attitudes. Why do you think there are so many men standing around alone? Because you can't ask any of these females there to dance because of the reputation disco techs have in movies, which is, they're waiting for some guy who looks like Fabio and drives a Lamborghini to come striding in and dance them off their feet. That's just not happening.

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