WHAT TO EAT IN BANGKOK! Thai Market Food ft. BKK Fatty

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Today we head to Ratchawat Market in Bangkok, Thailand to eat delicious thai food from noodle soups to traditional thai dessert. Hope this introduces you to some of the tastiest foods in Bangkok. Hit the thumbs up button for yummy thai food :)!

When in Bangkok, eat all the food! Dwight’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6-BMxPKPci6fODI8nJ6xw

What we ate in Bangkok in order of appearance: Yen Ta Fo Pink Noodle Soup, Tum Yum Haeng Dry Noodles, Pad Thai Hor Kai Egg Wrapped Pad Thai, Pakkad Thai Turnip, Mo Kaeng Thai Custard Cake, and Mangosteen an exotic thai fruit!

I promise I’ll stop dropping things!! Heh, love you all.

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Since I can’t send food…sending major love your way!

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Sabrena Yakush says:

I know he is in his video also ask him about Mark Wiens he knows Mark Wiens he knows the food Ranger I Love Bizarre Foods I also watch Pho your eyes only. I watch a lot of Foodies. But when I have an opinion I speak my mind sorry

Hung Tai says:

Hey Dwight, we are in Bangkok right now, what restaurants did you guys eat at? Could you give me the names?

Damian Martone says:

what's the name / address of the pad thai place? I can't really understand it

Michele Mok says:

May i know these shop location?

david stillwell says:

don't kid yourself,,, Thailand is a very nasty place,,. nasty bro,,,. nasty

Margaret Drew says:

I imagine by your reaction it tastes good . Just one thing the plates have chips.

Margaret Drew says:

Not sure I like the look of the food .

Nunthida Thipphanet says:


Strafer66 says:

Lol that guy at the end was trying to photobomb you

tanom kalaput says:


Izzie Dee says:

Hey!!!! I was totes gonna book your friend for a food experience off Airbnb!!!! Cool!!!!

Aeon Michael says:

nice video!

David Abeyta says:

Street Food gives us just a Whole New World Taste…I would eat at a Street Stall before I would ever Eat at a Marked up 4 Star Restaurant that focuses mainly on Art and Creative…Which are Not Flavors

cherry pnp says:

Wow. Delicious food. 😋

Anne Corey says:

Very good food nice place for food and lots of good food and nice stalls it awesome very good food thank you for sharing.

Kuanchanok Rukratana says:

The best vacation I've ever
had, Beautiful amazing place

Hien Nguyen says:

Yeah I saw this n I really like this

Mia Elizaga says:

Can you please share the address for the Resto with Pad Thai Hor Khor? With the egg omelette? Thank you!!!

Chosita Dream says:

for mangosteen, light squeeze n twist lol.

Jo Zaa says:


Abhi Foodie says:

What a video

Dwight Turner says:

Hi, I'm Dwight Turner watching a vlog with Dwight Turner as your guest. How cool is that?! I am subscribed to Dwight and now to you, pretty lady.

Juanderhixxy says:

Hahaha! Clumsy… I'll check his page.

Abhi Foodie says:

Picturesque Video ….. I loved it

Hien Nguyen says:

awww this is cool

Monique Naomi Alexandre says:

I not like want much
spicy 🌶 I am allergic swallows

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