What Happens In Pattaya Between 4am and 7am

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What Happens In Pattaya Between 4am and 7am

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Geoffrey W says:

Ibar has a strict no ladyboy policy, pool player in the red dress at 07:50 got overlooked. Nice to see a different aspect of Walking Street when I'm usually asleep in my hotel room. I subscribed on the strength of this video.

Esam AlSarraf says:

Nice video on a topic rarely captured

Brummie Brink says:

Very good video Thailand Red, good work. greetings from Amsterdam Holland.

Buck Futter says:

Clearance specials everywhere (50-60% off rates). Everything must go!

chandler bing bong says:

all the good uns get snapped up before 4am

Edward White says:

8:23 – Obama?

TheMamspoker mamp says:

Any Pattaya bar that has a "no ladyboy" policy is afraid the LBs will totally outclass their resident girls. All the real hotties I've seen on these videos are the LBs, not genetic girls.

James L says:

stayed many a night in JP bar after being kicked out of ibar..55555

Pierre Bonnard says:

Interesting idea for a film, and very informative. Part of the scene that many of us never witness. Many thanks.

Ross S says:

Nice video bro! 👍

Sodapop Curtis says:

bewtween 4 am and 7 am, I'm stumbling out of flexx and trying to find something to eat…well that's what I used to do…now i'm planning on stumbling out and stumbling into jp bar since they are the after hour/early morning spot

kabir gautam says:

nice video man.i really like the quality of your work.for me you are one of the best vloger for pattaya videos.keep it up man.

Pattaya Shore says:

good video mate

MyPinealGland says:

I should have already let you know by now how much I have enjoyed watching your channel for over a year now.

Gavthai says:

Iv got 20,000 subs could just tell he was typical loud mouth yank when getting his kebab

Ilsunny Lo says:

During that time you kick the one night stand out or you walk away.

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