What Happens Between 4-6AM on Bangla Road, Phuket

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Christer Stefansson says:

Are the girls 40 or 50 yo …….

Mariko Shinzu says:

Good video and good educational stuffs for everyone to understand the reality of life.

Wail fmh11 says:

Hello brother good videos thanks

german411 says:

Some of those Gals have had a 1000's dicks in there Holes.

victor ling says:

Hello thanks from Vic in Australia Great Video Man

Kennie MusicLovers says:

…theyall want your pocket deep ? stupido farangs ? wake up !

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Agreed. hotels around soi bangla or nearest still the best so you won't get slaughtered by the taxis and tuk tuk !

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Music = ????

Kennie MusicLovers says:

what clubs disco are you refering to ?

Takashi says:

do they seriously charge 500 baht for motocab that late?

karabata297 says:

I thought there was only one 4 o'clock and that was afternoon!

Rihan Al Biruni says:

Thanks For the wisdom lesson at 8 : you give us. It is available for everywhere!

El dee says:

hey that eating constantly in small amounts boosting metabolism has been proven false.
if you hang out with a thai girl for a few days you will notice they usually eat a lot of small snacks then have one real meal, so overall they arent eating many calories. also every thai girl knows exactly how much they weigh and how much they weighed last week, and if they gain a couple of kilos they will start calling themselves fat and then try to lose weight. this is in contrast to western women who are in constant denial about their weight and if they are fat they will simply refer to themselves as "curvy". intermittent fasting (taking 16+ hours between dinner and your first meal the following day) is far more effective for losing or maintaining weight

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, very good filming. Its good that you tell the truth, DONT FALL IN LOVE! Had great times with freelancers on Bangla Road.
Respect the girls, make a good deal, have fun with them, fuck them and nothing more.

Dave Murray says:

WOW ! Nice video ! The girls my god, I'm here in Mpls. in the snow…Ahhhh

Darry says:

hey that 5.30 am girl you said is good-looking is a LADYBOY  ha ha

bosanac usrcu says:

She kiss him, ..but she probably suck do b.j. just 5min.ago to another man

Darry says:

tell you what,there is some Gorgeous looking girls in Thailand,a lot better than some of the Mingers in England..

vf traveler says:

Thanks! Nice to see what happens that time of day. I never last that long and I totally agree with staying close so you don't have the taxi problem. I usually stay at The Summer Breeze.

Ilyas koshani says:

tell me some guest friendly Hotels in Patong Phuket please.

Omid Azadi says:

I want cry for this world

Parrales Fernandez says:

Her boyfriend comes to visit her everyday.

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