Water Spinach Stir-Fry Recipe ผัดผักบุ้ง – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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Simple, rustic Thai home cooking. This is a popular side dish made frequently in any Thai home. So easy, so quick, and super delicious with some jasmine rice!

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About Pai:

Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin’s Kitchen.

Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her “playtime” in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco.

After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at http://hot-thai-kitchen.com


Giang Nguyen says:

Love your channel. Thank you so much for sharing delicious recipes

lily says:

White peppers smells like poop hah hah

tri kien says:

How do I oder water spinach seeds about 30 kg from Thailand pleased. Thank you .

Paul Ramirez says:

Damn darling you are fine!

Memo Bash says:

Oooooooh I adore this dish 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Devree Bee says:

Wow, "tumis kangkung", popular throughout SE Asia 😀

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Where your parents live looks more like Florida than Bangkok! LOL I have lived in other countries and my neighborhood looked like an American neighborhood but the couple of miles away it was definitely not America! 🙂

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Mushroom oyster sauce is available in every Asian market and online in the US. It's not as salty and it taste better than replacing oyster sauce with soy sauce.

Hans Tun says:

Several plants that are called morning glory. If your morning glory has big blue flowers and climb, don't stir-fry it… 🙂 I don't think it is very dangerous but most things that deer will not touch is best left alone.

EffieTheLuent says:

Great cooking. Thanks.

colos cos says:

น้ำมันหอย ใช้ น้ำมันเห็ดหอมแทนครับ

hoanh thanh says:

So pretty, and she is great cook.

ssaktp32 says:

ขออนุญาตแนะนำว่า… น่าจะผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง ด้วยนะครับ… ให้ไฟลุกพรึ่บ…. วาบบบบ… เลยครับ… 555… แซวๆ เล่นนะครับ… ยังติดตามอยู่นะครับ

Kimberly Cross says:

This is one of my favorite dishes from my childhood. I miss it so much! It's almost impossible to find water spinach in MS where I live.

Pete &Pete says:

My mom puts this in sour soup

J J Hernandez says:

One of my favorite vegetables, I need to learn how to cook this.

Mira Marlena says:

I usually add some pounded anchovies or dried shrimps to enhance the flavour. After seeing your video, I'm craving for a plate of stir fry water spinach! Yum!

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