WALKING TOUR [2016.08] Night Scene of Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand

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A walking tour through the famous Bangla Road located in the Patong district of Phuket, Thailand. The tour starts from the east end of Bangla Road walking westward to the end where Bangla Road intersects with Thawewong Road near Patong Beach. As you can see in the video, music is blaring from all sides of the street and girls are openly dancing on top of the bar/podium for the pedestrians to see.


Shaun Burgess says:

Nice place if your down for stripper bars everywhere, Karon is nice , a lot quieter though

1292liam says:

6.45 nice chang ladies. you should have investigated

1292liam says:

4:27 – suitable place for a kid to be. sure

1292liam says:

Angela Merkel at 3 mins!

Trent Smith says:

Too humid and smelly, never going back.

Darry says:

im going PHUKET for XMAS 14 nights.YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE….

sound of freedom says:

I miss phuket so much

kawaii lotus says:

i love your video!! mind if you check out mine? <3

mi r says:

@5:22 the boss

vf traveler says:

It would have been very good with less camera movement, especially side to side. Record one side of the street then the other. Pause more often on things interesting.

itstheendoftheworld says:

was here in November. Soo much fun. can't wait to return

Richard Hurtz says:

Holy fuck I miss this place 🙁

Hasan says:

Lovely place yeah I'm coming soon

Por Wanted says:

what time you begin?

Arne Jakobsen says:

Love thai girls they are sexy wonderful and like to follow thai girls and she smoke hot sexy too I like it

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