Walking Street Saturday 27.01.2018 about 11:00pm Pattaya Thailand

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Kirk Wilson says:

Stick to being a sex tourist, this sort of thing isnt for you.

Haider Ali says:

@12:33 Was that legendary Johnny Sins ?

Mr tallung ba ba bo bo says:

What a bullshitplase

Josh Tucker says:

Where the working girls on them streets?

Stephen Anthony says:

Very interesting…worth the look.

G T says:

Do some editing, remove part where walking behind fat people.

William B says:

Very good video improved you are trying to capture what you see side to side with your camera doing a much better job ,making the viewer see what you actually see your self with a feel that the viewer is there walking with you ,don't worry about the guys that bitch they are not there. Very good vid thanks keep it up .

Paulo Carelli says:

Agrre with Mister Mike. You have to learn do film im Pataya, see Bancoxk 118, Azia… and learn.

Ron Pruett says:

Please do not walk so close to people because we only see peoples backs. Either get a stick and get the camera in the air or learn to walk at a distance for the complete view

erwinp balmama says:

what is it in Pattaya that cute Korean or chinese girls walk the streets in thie wee hours of the night or morning, are they looking for trouble or something.

Go1 says:

Another great video. You sure like making these things ! Thanks for taking the trouble.

ام كيان says:


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