Walking Street Party № 08 + 09 Discount Travel Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand (April / May 2015)

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Welcome to join the party every sunday at Kantima Rakchat’s
DISCOUNT TRAVEL on Lamai Beach / Koh Samui / Thailand
It’s the No.1 Travel Agency in Lamai and Ed who runs the business is simply the best !
Ed is the best source for information and will be happy to help you with any travel related problems & needs. She offers the best prices for any kind of tickets, tours, accommodation, car/bike rentals, visa services, property/house sales, Legal matters, etc…
Don’t miss the famous “Walking Street Market” every sunday right in front of Ed’s Discount Travel Shop.
Have a cocktail, have fun and meet some nice Thais and Local Foreigners who life on Koh Samui.
This Video was filmed in April and May 2015.
Among the local Thais & Farangs in this video you may spot:

Kantima Rakchat https://www.facebook.com/kantima.rakchat
Jantana Rakchat https://www.facebook.com/jantana.rakchad
Pawarun Ponphai https://www.facebook.com/Pawarunp
Pornpen Chauysrinaul https://www.facebook.com/pornpen.chauysrinaul
May Sangouthai https://www.facebook.com/may.sangouthai
Sumetta Sanguthai https://www.facebook.com/sumetta.sanguthai
Nang Khowsang https://www.facebook.com/parichat.khaosang
TaTar Jean https://www.facebook.com/nwarita
Ming Samui https://www.facebook.com/ming.mimi.967
Boba Lino https://www.facebook.com/breakWindProductions1
Bobalino https://www.facebook.com/bobalino
Rabah Dikhrap https://www.facebook.com/rabahdelamai
Karti Kaya https://www.facebook.com/karti.kaya.56
Edgar Murray https://www.facebook.com/edgar.murray.50
Julia Murray https://www.facebook.com/pioi.pioi.1
Alex Lehmann https://www.facebook.com/Lexi.Lehmann
น้องฟ้าา ไรเดอร์ https://www.facebook.com/dissz.fahza.9
Nittaya Srisaeng https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004540080399
Saitan Matini https://www.facebook.com/saitan.matini
John Black

Visit the location:


Mat Steiner – Bright Trance Night (5681)

Video produced by Alex Lehmann
℗/© Lexi-Film 2015


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