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Fisherman’s Village Walking Street, Bophut, Koh Samui – This is simply something that can not be missed if you are around on a Friday Evening. Great Food, Entertainment and Atmosphere all rolled into one.
Join Steve as he discovers Walking Street.

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xdfbsdfh says:

nice vid

Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:


Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:

at 2:00 you walked passed an entire steam pot of Hor mok Talay!!

Chef Mooney says:

Thanks for sharing your walk about Steve looks great…

EZGlutenFree says:

It looks like a wonderful place.
I think I'd be eating continuously.

Tammy Masseo says:

Loved the footage and the view was beautiful! One could go into a food coma walking down that area. Wow! Look forward to your food vid. Loving these…I know I say that alot…but I just love travel vlogs 😊

Pascal Brenner says:

When are you going to be in chiang mai steve? Planning to be there on 30th june fir a few days… Thanks for sharing…

krssnoop says:

So much to do and so much to eat, great atmosphere.

joseph says:

You and your wife must be having such a great time.

Curiosity says:

Very interesting, somehow I will have to find a way to send you video of my 2003 trip to Turkey, I walked with the video camera everywhere. I have some good things about getting ready for the day, good eats…

Raggy Ragsdale says:

SUPER! It all looks so Good! Raggy


I reckon i'd spend all day there eating that food, good thing I don't have a passport :)

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