Walking on Beach Road January 1, 2018 . Pattaya Beach

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A.C. Ward says:

On my first visit to Pattaya in 2003 they had concrete benches everywhere on the beach walk. Hated to see them taken out.
Enjoyed your video. New subscriber. Big thumbs up!

Jonny says:

Are there many foreign girls on Beach Road, such as Russian or Ukrainian?

Andrew Clark says:

excelent vidio you have a talent its not your fault but all i could see is packs of indians im sad about that

TLO1357 Bardon says:

I like this Vid,,, very layed back & mellow. Good Job Sir__Thanks

rexnex27 says:

Just another video walking down beach road.

Bugatti chiron says:

Good vidéo pattaya beach road

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