Vivy Goes to Koh Samui… with the team | Vivy Yusof

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So I’m a big believer of a close knit culture in my companies, both FashionValet and dUCk. Potlucks, games sessions, lunches, birthdays, and the occasional company trip. dUCk had its first company trip to Koh Samui after 3 years #financedepartmentmadenoisebuttoobad and it was so much fun getting to know each other even more. This is something I hope never changes as it grows and grows. No matter how big we get one day, I wish the closeness remains for both dUCk and FashionValet teams. They’re my family. 🙂
#nowgottaplanFVscompanytrip #prayforvivy

What I wore when we arrived

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by schia says:

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Ika Farikah Ainani says:

How I can be one of your team? Best gilerrr dapat boss Mcm ni? 😍

Any vacancy puan Vivy ? 😅🤣

aslina ab rahman says:

Sorry vivy..staff awak ade yg bertudung..and xwajar awak post video di mandi kolam di mana staff awak ade bkk tudung..please be more sensitive..

Nur'ain Nabilla says:

you such a nice boss and really adore the way you layan you punya pekerja. Kipidap vy ❤

sushi jati says:

This vlog officially bcm my mew fav vlog!!!😍 it makes me want to be part of ur team.

Nurul Syahira says:

Vivyyy!! Hotel mana u stay ni. 😻

adila puzi says:

I wish i could be like Vivy 😭

SayangHanee says:

i want a leader like u Vivy….i wish i've get 1 soon…you're so nice to all ur staff…they're so lucky to have u as a team leader 🙂

Atikah Fatin says:

i really love your eyelashes in this vlog . it's really popup vivy .

Adlina Az says:

so fun! what a great trip

swaggie 17 says:

May i know what the resorts or hotel name that you guys stay?


Amboiii your sexy PA hehehe

Haziqah Nasukha says:

R u wearing meringue dUCk? 😍 love it! Wish to hv one

kamariah latif says:

koh samui tu kat mane

Dijaa Jamal says:

I want 😢

iriz nur says:

Vivy is the best❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nurul Syafiqah says:

They are so lucky to have you as their boss 😚

Aira Ahmed says:

When you go to thailand, the food is soo good u cant even imagine tho.

Azlina Masnita Binti Alias says:

I want to work with @theduckgroup too 😊. Vivy please hire me 🤩

Redhanuha Abdullah says:

Waaaahh… Learned a lot from you Vivy, as always… 🙂

Redhanuha Abdullah says:

MMU alumni…

Desy Wulandari says:

Can i be one of ur team? Hahaha

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