Viewers Baffled By Ghost Passengers At Deserted Airport In Thailand

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The viral video shows an airplane gangway at an almost deserted airport, believed to be in Phuket, Thailand.

As the camera zooms in, it becomes clear there are shadowy figures running along the passageway.

But with no airplane in sight and the gangway – suspended in the air – connected to nothing, it is a mystery where the passengers have come from.



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1080p Aviation says:

Fuck-it? I think its pronounced Poo-ket…

IOI IOI says:

they are smuggling weed from heaven to hell using a ghost airplane

Bob Smith says:

Time travelers coming threw portal

S.A TV says:

Plus at 1.51 seconds there Is a car driving past under the ghost why is there a car if it’s a abandon airport???

Mira Johanna says:

Why is the last passenger walking sideways? Why are they walking so odd? And why are they see thru if they are living people?

Kim thetruthofit says:

That is so freaky is it a portal from the spirit world I hope theyre not demons

just some guy says:

This is actually a very creative concept. It's fake as fuck but still creative.

vampirefifa play roblox says:

Why ther people now but no plane but i am on thailand but it no news come

Andy Ingram says:

'deserted' yet lights are on in boarding tunnel, inside the departure lounge, and outside in the aircraft areas too. also, baggage handling vehicle is just below. this airport is not deserted. i call fake.

Layan Al muhammadi says:


Little Finger says:

Maybe it's a parallel universe. I said maybe

Abdulrahman says:

the look seem pepole

Slushy Sunday says:

Maybe it the 1990's a plane that parked there crashed and those were the people who died their spirits

Lone Joker says:

crush plane victim..

Ab Tiburcio says:

…..end I believe in Mary Christmas…..

myomin oo says:

Hay guy , I was saw shadow.
Ghost haven't 't shadow.

GENG AN says:

that's not a deserted airport as you can see there are cars passing by

Danyel Carinzia says:

It was filmed by the Pilot of the plane the passengers were exiting. It's just a reflection of the gangway behind the Pilot.

noname123 says:

Ghosts dont walk that fast, DEBUNKED!

blood mapedit says:

For people who want to believe, especially with a vivid ghost culture.

Maxim Kammerer says:

at least mask the columns of the passageway correctly, the "ghosts" are all walking in front of the lights. a very sloppy cgi-job 🙁

john holmested says:

There's frequent aircraft delays but to be so delayed that your passengers die is rediculous!! If you look closely it appears one hasn't forgotten his duty free though. I am finding it extremely difficult to get freaked out.

shana beg says:

Jinn definitely

Carl White says:

This is what you get up to when you run out of decent footage you start faking some CGI craps….. looks like someone's credibility is going out the window lol

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