Vietnam Street Food — Madame Toh Noodle Delivery Service

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On this street corner, while having my coffee and breakfast, I saw an amazing team of ladies at working cooking up noodles, beef pho, and delivering the noodles by motorbike or bicycle with one hand driving and the other hand holding the bowls of soup. Vietnam is a very fascinating country, the streets of the cities and urban areas are very interesting to observe and explore. If you are travelling to SE Asia, you should consider Vietnam.

I plan on making many videos about this wonderful country in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


Ric says:

Damn uber eats delivery got nothing on these viet delivery women!!

Nikos Niko says:

Thanks for change of venue, If I had to hear “walking street “ one more time…or soy 6 – or whatever those dirty streets are named

Thomas Crofts says:

U crack me up

videoraver says:

How does Madame Toh take the delivery orders for her pho noodles?

nnnn79 says:

8 min to shot lady make a nodols!!

Speed Racer 007 says:

I get an intuition that Vietnamese people speak better English then Thai people
love the typical vietnamese style hat ………..

Adam nobby says:

fascinating ingenuity God gave us two hands… and these Ladies take full advantage of it …. now we have two Charlie 's vlogger in Vietnam ~Charlycheer~ and ~Cheap Charlie~ excellent video…thank you for sharing….👍…# 344

gas1958ify says:

Charlie someone called Alonso Martin,uploading your hotel review's under his name.just thought would let you know,they dated march and february

thomas says:

Where in Vietnam are you CC.

Daniel says:

how long until the first 'where you go'

JP Davis says:

The delivery women so graceful and lovely in their own way in their attire and posture. Good to hear you voice, CC. Try to film some women in their traditional Viet Dress, the Ao Dai (poetry in motion).

Bradimus1981 says:

I had heard that Vietnam is becoming the next Thailand and it is pretty damn nice.

Victor Sandoval says:

Do many people speak english there?

Victor Sandoval says:

Cool, I was hoping you would do Vietnam! Cant wait for more.

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