Very Pleasant Traditional Thai Massage in Pattaya, Thailand

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Yesterday I got a nice, traditional Thai massage for $6 plus a 50 baht tip ($1.5).


Paul Mulvey says:

Won't be inviting her for Christmas dinner!

JP Davis says:

You r a good guy, Charlie, in that you gave this humble young lady some business. A lot of Farangs would make her feel less than. I go in quasi pigeon talk even when they speak some English, since it's easier for them to understand. Anyway, it's fun.

The Project Diamond says:


redrobiin says:

Why you never ask if she does Sumo wrestling 🙂

Dick Cumming says:

very desperate,you have become. she needs great man in her life

Pattaya Shore says:

Did they have Deposid Box in the Room? 😛

DRock7977 says:

Well heres too those guys that want a healthy chunk of meat on their bones Pandaexpress here we come lol.

Duane Martinovitch says:

I went to the Zen massage on the Beach road just down from the A-1 Royal Princess, she was just called 19, she was amazing. She was a skinny older woman and unbelievable. My 3 fingers on the right hand have been numb for 15 years. Two operations and 4 doctors and their still numb. She worked on the nerves to the hand and I now am getting back feeling in those 3 fingers. I have been to 21 countries and been to many legitimate masseuses, and can honestly say the best I have ever been to. Spoke very little english but she just knew by touch the problems I have with my body. She has to have some type of training over and above just a normal massage. I am coming back to Pattaya for one month in late February just to have her work on me. Anyone reading this that needs special attention, I absolutely recommend you go see her. 19 was what they called her, i did not know her regular name. You will not be disappointed.

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:


Cicero Conceicao Silva says:

linda Mulher !!!

Callum Thomson says:

finally a real woman Charlie, video should of been longer mate

Dan Cyr says:

u talk broken english to her but her english is way better then yours

Ross S says:

Happy to see you relax bro! 👍

Roger says:

Does she know she is on camera?

You Are Dead says:

How do they make that sound with their fingers? The girls here in Los Angeles do the same same. Ask your massage lady next time. Still very much enjoying you (and Sean's) vids. Glad you are doing well.

James W says:

Thats the kind of woman you want for a typical Thai massage.

Mario Robles says:

no chaka chaka ?

Gimmee_Your_Money says:

Yo, CC, you finally got a woman! Good for you man!

Will I am Beau says:

Are u expected 2 tip like in usa?

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