Vegetarian Thai Food: A Guide to Eating Healthy (and Delicious) Thai Food!

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Eating delicious Thai food is the highlight of many people’s trips to Thailand, but if you are a vegetarian or vegan, it can be sometimes be difficult to find the right Thai dishes to eat.

One of my favorite vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Bangkok is known as Baan Suan Pai, a food court dedicated to eating healthy Thai food. Even though I’m not vegetarian, I love eating vegetarian Thai food here!

At Baan Suan Pai vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, they serve their food food court style – you order you meals and dishes, pay for them, and then find a place to sit.

Here’s a quick overview of the tasty Thai vegetarian food I ate in this video.

1. Gaeng Phet Fuktong (Vegetarian Thai Pumpkin Curry) is tasty curry made with chunks of healthy pumpkin stewed in chillies and coconut milk. It had a wonderful mild flavor to it, but it was extremely soothing – I loved it, one of my favorite vegetarian thai food dishes!

2. Gaeng Jued Mala (Bitter Melon Soup) is a bitter soup made with huge chunk of bitter melon and a few other herbs and vegetables. Bitterness can be a hard vegetable to get used to, but if you do enjoy it as a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll love this dish at Baan Suan Pai.

3. Puak Tod (Taro Roll) is a loaf of ground up pieces of taro root caked together and fried on the outside. The dish was served with a nice sweet and sour sauce. Along with full plates of rice and mixed toppings, Baan Suan Pai also serves some incredible vegetarian Thai food snacks like this!

4. Kuay Teow Lui Suan (Fresh Noodle Rolls) is a Thai dish that made with fresh rice noodle warpers filled with lettuce, an assortment of Thai herbs, tofu, and mushrooms. The vegetarian roll are delicious when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce provided.

5. Het Hom Ping (Grilled Mushrooms) are my absolute favorite thing to eat when at this vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. The mushrooms are so delicious that they actually taste like pieces of sirloin steak – but instead are purely vegetarian and vegan. These skewers are absolutely incredible and you don’t want to miss them!

That wraps up my vegetarian Thai food feast – all dishes were exceptional, especially the pumpkin curry, the fresh noodle rolls and the grilled mushroom skewers.

To get to Baan Suan Pai take the BTS to Ari station, take exit 1 and go down the stairs to your left, walk along Phahon Yothin road for about one hundred meters until you reach a sign that says welcome to banana family park. Turn right into the small cafe alley way, walk all the way to the back past a few coffee shops and a few stores until you can smell the delicious vegetarian food.

Hope you enjoyed this video on eating healthy vegetarian Thai food in Bangkok.

If you are vegetarian or vegan and want to explore the best Thai food you need to check out the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide:

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Greg Austin says:

Even the vegetarian dishes in Thailand has the power to make you drool !!!!!

The Veggie Passport says:

Thanks for this! I've just posted a video about veggie food specifically in Phuket – if anyone is interested please check it out! 🙂

Mattisun Hurst says:

Thank you for this video. I plane on going to Thailand and I was not gonna go if I had to eat meat

b goodforsomefood says:

Hi follow me on instagram @bgoodforsomefood for delicious food updates heres the link

Cimeon Koebel says:

Is this food court still there? I went 2 times this week at around noon and nothing was there! I was soooo excited, then disappointed! 😞

The Secret Life of Moms says:

Squee….so excited! I have been watching your channel think what would make this perfect for me is Vegetarian episodes….and this popped up…sweet!

Petr Frizen says:

Simply Great!!!

Aman Kumar says:

pls add location of place of map.

Aman Kumar says:

excellent explanation.

Lotus260 says:

Hei Mark, Can you please include the GPS location of the restaurants you eat.

Helen Lau says:

Vry sad to say why until now so many people turture the animals

Helen Lau says:

I love vegetarian food

Torilynn McPherson says:

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this isn't really here anymore. I've been twice now and nothing

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