Vegan Food at ‘Veggie Bean’ Restaurant Review Koh Samui (VLOG)

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Join us for dinner at Koh Samui’s Veggie Bean–a vegetarian café–tasting 4 dishes from their vegan menu. Eating finger food with our hands. Enjoy!

Veggie Bean-

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Noga uses the Veganoga channel to talk about vegan life, searching for ways to overcome struggles, nomadic life, health & fitness, food and fun with her goof ball husband.


Grace Anastasia says:

Loved watching this!! Thank you for sharing!!

maxxxbensleyyy says:

I'm considering becoming vegetarian. When you think about it it's pretty easy to be vegetarian bevause most of the food I eat is plant based. Tofu is cheap and tastes like whatever you put on it. This will be a slow transition however. I live in Califonia in 2 weeks, a state in a terrible drought. Had the breeding of livestock in that state stopped there would be more water for the humans and less wasted on the constant breeding of the animals.
Some day People will all be vegetarian/vegan or at least eat less meat.
Can you make a video about how to become vegetarian/vegan?

Amanda Round the Globe says:

Yum! I can't wait to try this place out 🙂

DxTeddybaerxD says:

Noooga… Finally make a "look your video session". But honestly, my mobile doesn't want to like your videos but my heart does.

You're so cute. And I envy you for eating so delicious things. I want to eat that as well. Omg.

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