Two Minutes Flat! – – Fast Thai Wok Cooking. . . . Shrimp with Ginger

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High heat makes perfect wok dishes. Perfect Thai “Shrimp with Ginger”. (It is a lot of ginger, and yes it is ginger, not bean-sprouts!)

Thai street chef does a fantastic dish in exactly 120 seconds. I give the names and quantities of all the ingredients – easy recipe!

Note that she uses way too much oil, sugar, and msg – very Thai way of cooking.

In the video I say “1Tbs salt”. That is wrong – salt is not used much in Thai cooking. It is either a second Tbs of sugar or MSG – probably sugar (thanks DIIIZT for pointing that out).

Doesn’t matter – you know it is absolutely delicious.

Try cooking your wok dishes fast with full heat at home – use a little less oil (and a lot less of the sugar msg etc).

May 2014 – 200,000+ hits – slow viral!!! THANKS!

July 30 2015 – 300,000 – about every 6 minutes somebody watches this video!

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Jeffrey Lombardo says:

not the skill of the men!

hubertpizarro says:

The only reason of paying attention to the time clicking was because I wanted to see again those beautiful girls before the video ends.. The're are cute…!!!

overthehills_faraway says:

I'll take an order of that and I want to date her daughter please.

ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ says:

This is nothing, when I was in North Korea, Kim Jong Ill was shown to be smelting his own metal wok from liquid iron and cooking shrimp that he was de-shelling in it at the same.

T Prime says:

one quarter cup of oil please

Nimeni Defapt says:

I am a simple man.. I see MSG, I close the video

instantramen says:

If you were impressed by her fast cooking, wait until you experience a Chinese dude cooking your food. That'll be less than a minute; cleaning the wok included.

galaxy says:

If you eat her food, you will have beautiful daughter like 2 girls.

José Alejandro Aburto Araneda says:

omg so much sodium

GiJaSoSa Otras says:

haha yur right they usually do

GiJaSoSa Otras says:

meet my future mother in law……

robertrjsaa says:

why  shrimp and pork at the same time… shrimp cooks so quick…. pork first  i think… love  wok cooking.

MrLeonard55 says:

Looks great.

Ali Al H says:

her doughters was pretty!!!

Bagelstorm says:

You guys are wimps, i ask for extra msg

DIIIZT says:

I'm Thai.We usually don't add salt in food, we use fish source instead.@1:17 I think it may be 2 spoons of sugar and 1 MSG…. in worst case 3 spoons of MSG hahahaha

Sainty1980 says:

Looks delicious! But probably too salty for me, and too much msg.

revy chaniago says:

I want those two girls

Ron Nal says:

her daughter is so pretty <3

Tony, The Stark says:

The girl looks cute!

derricktaitano says:

nevermind the food ,that girl in the black (beautiful)

ĐẠI LÝ says:

Her daughter look taste than food.

Amra says:

With all the comments about MSG below, I feel a need to point out there is no consistent evidence that MSG is bad for you, some people claim to be allergic/have a sensitivity to it, but thats true with a lot of things (gluten for example). So as long as you don't have a sensitivity to it, there shouldnt really be an issue using it.

In fact, you would be surprised how many things its in that most people eat every day and dont know its in there, and never have a problem, but the moment you tell them its in there, they get all anaphylaxic. MSG is a naturally occurring amino acid after all.

The fear arose a long time ago with the coined phrase "chinese food syndrome", but the evidence for it was anecdotal, and in every study since the reported symptoms were inconsistent, and while the more common symptoms have stigmatized the additive, MSG has 1/5 the lethality of regular Salt,  and so has been approved by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), It cannot be rated higher since some people do claim to have a sensitivity to it.

In fact, there was even a double blind study on MSG, and the only person to have a "reaction" was someone with a self-identified sensitivity to MSG, and he had been given the placebo, not the MSG. 

Tan li li janet says:

I don't used msg for cooking never in my life…

Tan li li janet says:

That's alot of msg,salt,fish sauce somemore!! for such a small portion.

Carlos De La Cruz T says:

Uhh "high heat" "high heat".. that's not high heat.

Robert Headley says:

This guy seems amazed that someone made him food in 2 minutes. Not really an accomplishment, but I am sure it was delicious. I didn't even see anything obvious health violations! Other than the MSG. 😛

Chad Ahbina says:

guys what is MSG??? thank you


Hmmm lecker

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