Two arrested after Israeli killed on Koh Samui in suspected mob hit

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1. Two arrested after Israeli killed on Koh Samui in suspected mob hit
2. French man and Thai woman arrested for brutal murder of Italian man
3. Suspected Taiwanese call centre gang leader nabbed by tourist police
4. 27-year-old Irish woman falls to her death from balcony on Koh Samui
5. Two killed, four injured in Yala bomb attack
6. Baggage handlers arrested over thefts at Phuket airport
7. Motorcyclist snatches gold necklace from Chinese tourist

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Jim L says:

Thanks for todays news Rod, appreciate.

David Kent says:

Well Rod, not your fault, but this was a particularly depressing bunch of news items involving murder, death, theft, terrorism and some nasty farangs and Thais. I hope not many would be visitors to Thailand view this particular edition of Thai Visa News, it'll put them right off coming here. I hope you can find some uplifting or humorous items for tomorrow's bulletin.

aad bam says:

Men that's unbelievable I can't believe he could still run

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