Trying VERY SPICY Thai Foods | Bangkok, Thailand

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On the fourth day of my trip in Bangkok I headed out to try very spicy Thai food. There are so many extremely spicy dishes in Thailand, and most of them come from the south.

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I first tried a red curry duck for breakfast at the Oriental Residence Bangkok. The dish wasn’t that bad. Next up I quickly stopped at MahaNakhon Tower, the tallest building in Thailand.

For lunch I headed to a southern Thai restaurant to try the glorious trinity, these dishes were spicy!! For early dinner I headed with my friend Pear to Banglamphu area to try even more spicy dishes. Most of them weren’t so spicy so I had to add chilis!

My favorite dish of the day is sticky beans or Pad Sataw. They are sooooo good! Have you eaten any of these spicy Thai dishes?

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Davidsbeenhere says:

Thanks for watching my SPICY Thai food video! If you're new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE for new travel content every week!

คนดี ชอบแก้ไข says:

ขำเสื้ิอ ฮ่าๆๆ ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน

Sergey Sadykov says:

Cool. Take care!

Oaaii says:

You should taste first and then add fish sauce. Because basic Thaifood is salty.^^ haha

tooktong samer says:

I'm hungry when i see you eat

infinitydomi says:

That motorbike taxi guy was about to send u to Jesus !! That’s extremely crazy

Zuleyka Kel says:

You will enjoy more without that excessive amount of chilli and spice. The Thais don't eat chili that crazily. 😂 stay healthy, wonderful youtuber. Love from Thailand to you.

Theer Wattanamit says:

Oh my gosh that motorbike taxi is crazy.

initial029 says:

I really miss southern Thai dishes. Unfortunately, those dishes are not famous compared to other Thai dishes. I wish there would have southern dishes in Thai restaurant abroad.

gredarth D says:

All I can say is that motor bike taxi guy was insane lol Great video 🙂

Gid Akas says:

มไอ้คำแรกไม่เผ็ดหรอก อาหารไทยยิ่งกินยิ่งเผ็ดครับ เดี๊ยวรู้เรื่อง

michaeldeng1981 says:

lol. spicy??? this is nothing for locals

Pasit Lapawit says:


Bali Dhanaula says:

Thai food is really spicy.

Rinrada Sensuanchik says:

I love youuuu 😫😂😍

Nilessia Varelia Brons says:

Haha i like the end of your video 😂( pharmacy store) b'cause you need it.

Batavia Batavia says:

asked for spicy…. but no action…..

โคกไม้แดงแฮนด์เมค khammakot says:


kataii wannisa says:

Better after if you have milk… nice to see you and happy

Manok Najana says:

็man… you eat too much salty bro. You should pick some chilly in the fish sauce, it's salty enough and may change the taste of that dish if you put too much fish sauce. I'm Thai and your video is awesome bro

Business Brush says:

good jop, eating spicy food👏👏👏

one day says:

โหหหหหห กินเผ็ดกว่าคนไทยบางคนอี๊กก 😂😂😂

Muse Whane Jr. says:

Yes, this is livig like a thais… you are crazy!! 🤣🤣

sinista says:

cool video man….. i love the spicy stuff also wtf is white rabbit never heard of it. was it your first motorcycle taxi ride they are fun

kanmochan takarai says:

ไปกินที่ไหน อยากตามไปกินด้วย น่าอร่อย

Mace Yang says:

Wow!! Your food looks awesome …im so huungry for some now ..hahaha…i miss eating all those foods in Thailand.

Jaral Panprapai says:

มอไซวินคันนี้ นิสัยแย่มากๆ 13.48. มันไม่จอดให้คนที่กำลังข้ามถนนตรงทางม้าลาย และมันยังขับขี่ด้วยความคึกคนอง โดยไม่สนใจว่าเสี่ยงต่อการเกิดอุบัติเหตุ มันเสียภาพพจน์มั้ยนี่?

Jaral Panprapai says:

Motorbike taxi in this clip is very bad. do not stop for peoples who wants to walk across the street on the crosswalk. And it ride for fun by ignore in accident. F – – – .

Alexi Myhoney says:

I love Thai cuisine most.

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