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So…. Thai cuisine MIGHT be my favorite of all so far, but that’s because I’m backpacking in bangkok and got to try it from the source! Check out the vlogs on my channel if you wanna see me exploring!

I want to give a big thank you to the owner of the store for being so kind to me when I visited. I hope you enjoyed this video

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Cali by NICKV.
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John Doe says:

Avoid street food like the plaque. Spend a little bit more $$$. Why? Cleaner (much..much..much), more real meat (not mostly scraps like street food), better atmosphere (not wobbling dirty & sticky table, hot humid air fill with smog fume from cars running near by that could skip curve and hit you dead), did I mention clean? (no rats, fries, mosquitoes, or cockroaches running/flying around … and I'm not kidding about the rats either !). It's a (sick but) common site to see the cooks handled bills & coins (God knows how filthy they are) barehand one minute and go right back to touching & preparing your food the next.

MsSpark111 says:

you're such a sweet person.. being grateful and all.. ☺

larry souriyavong says:

great video, keep up the good work.

Peter Thanh says:

try Vietnamese cruisine

Joel Obando says:

wish you could visit Costapacifica resort in Baler, Aurora, Philippines and Pampanga the culinary capital of Luzon, Philippines.

Aiden Heng says:

i miss thai food alot!

tvee says:

Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean food are the best!

Hilmi IVN says:

why am I watching this on the first day of fasting😂


Great Vlog Man

Nur Jannah says:

somehow this makes me hungry and makes me wanna go to thailand rn

Raccoonaisse says:

Are you coming to Malaysia?

翔太/ ShoutaXOX says:

watching this makes me hungry.. uhhhh

adam tooms says:

ahh man i'm glad you're loving it so far. How long are you planning to stay away from home?

It was this time last year I was in BKK, with my osprey farpoint 40, and my RX100 hehehe

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