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Hello guys, this vlog is a guide on how to travel to Pattaya, review on the beach, the nightlife and how to hop to Koh Samui Island from Pattaya.

Hope this will be helpful for you guys 🙂

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(Im sorry in advance for the audio voice narration not being clear, Im looking to improve this on my future post. Hope you won’t mind 🙂 )

Reivew of Marriott resort & spa : coming soon!
Taxi from Pattaya to Utapao: (she respond quite fast)

Ehrling -This is my passion
Ehrling – Adventure
Ehrling – Chassing palm trees

Our most recent upload, we are in Toronto!
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Mahmed AlEidi says:

Nice lady… great body ….. fun

deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand , thank you very much come to travel in my country .We hope you will happy to this trip.

jason delarosa says:

Been to Pattaya several times during Military exercises and i never swam on the beach due to the… yeah garbage, i hope the local gov can do something about it.


There is a ferry that goes to Koh Larn, that is a much better beach. 30 min ferry .

ALF goof says:

Show off Canadian citizenship?

simon6bello says:

Nice videos but I can't hear your voice! Music is too loud!

Vishal 7400 patil says:

9730427400 watsup

Eduard Montana says:

Ohhh…Pattaya City Ohh…!!

shaheed khan says:

it's not bad

sanjeevan Pillai says:

it is a descent review and you too look good

Ram prasad says:

How much money have carry to this travel trip to indian rupee's…

Good job…. Wish you…

Sakshi Virrani says:

I love pattaya

liverpool anfield says:

The woman you are with she is sooo hot

Lucy says:

Thank you for this informative video! You got yourself a new subscriber!


Wow great delivery of tourism information

Jay Kay says:

So you and your girl are Japanese or what?

Pundit KING says:

DDAAAAMMMNN your ladie is FINE as hell!

Ker says:

Your channel came into my YouTube feed, and so far, I like it. It's very informative. I appreciate the advice. Keep up the wonderful job. It's channels like this that helps us be aware when we travel. And yes, your GF is beautiful! A fabulous couple you two are.

Paul Mcguire says:

looks great but the music is a bit loud but then I am getting old

Cancer killer Israel First says:

Vietnamese people best and lovely 1.000.000 time than Thai people.

Jaskirat Chandi says:

I visited pattaya in year 2010 and thar time the beach was so clean and beautiful but now its like garbage .
Btw nice video dude.

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