TRADITIONAL Thai Food, So much more than just Pad Thai

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Eat authentic Thai food at Sala Thai Restaurant, and then head down to Patsara Thai Restaurant where Riley couldn’t handle the spice. That’s how you know it’s legit.

Secret Informant is a brand new web series hosted by Riley Murdock, which seeks out the most authentic cultural food there is, with the help of trusted insiders. So if you are familiar with amazing channels like Mark Wiens, The Food Ranger, Strictly Dumpling, and so on, then you will love what we’re doing here!

In this episode our Secret Informant took Riley to 2 authentic Thai Restaurants in Vancouver, Canada

Still deciding where to eat in Vancouver? Well here’s some delicious Thai food to start.

Check out SalaThai! (The first restaurant):

Check out Patsara Thai! (the second restaurant)

Selected music by Joakim Karud

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Secret Informant says:

Watch till the very end and you'll learn about Riley in ways you never expect. 😉

Bushra Monowar says:

i love this thai dude haha he is so funny !! XD

Winnie Situ says:


shasha b says:

“…regional noodles from the north and the northeast area.”
“those sound like delicious directions for food to come from.”

lmao this man’s humor, i swear to god subscribing just for that (and for the fact that you're very respectful towards the various cultures/cuisines you encounter. having guests explain their cultural cuisine and be included in the experience is a huge plus. well done~)

Connar 4 real !! says:

You guys are so much better than BuzzFeed! Finally I can watch food videos.

AMD Ryzen says:

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Ahmed Karim says:

I like tom yum soup. It's very tangy

David jackbarry Karnezos says:

Favourite episode so far! Killer edit Leo

YVRGun says:

0:28 Thailand was originally called "Siam Kingdom" (pronounce Sa-Yam), The government changed the name to Thailand back in 2008 just because Riley keep thinking Thai food came from Taiwan. True story.

zEus b says:

Man your cinematography and editing is amazing. This looks like a full production TV show. Well done and good luck with the channel.

Expresso says:

This episode has been the best so far. Clean edits, transitions, and nice content talking about and with the chefs, etc

Fernando Forni says:

Hello! Quick suggestion: i think including more b roll of the dishes and a deeper explanation how they are prepared would make the show richer and more entertaining. Hope it helps!

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