Traditional Thai Food at The Local Restaurant in Bangkok

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Within the hustle of modern Thai food, it can be challenging to actually find authentic and traditional Thai food.

In Bangkok, street food though very delicious, is modified so it’s easier to make and quicker to sell. This of course, isn’t bad, and Thai street food is outstanding, but it can be nice to get back to the roots of Thai cuisine and experience a meal that accentuates the passion and the deep flavors that Thai cuisine has become so famous for.

In this video the Eating Thai Food crew heads over to The Local Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand (just off Asoke road) for an unforgettable dining experience. First off the owner and Chef Cann explains a little about local Thai culinary roots and goes over a number of the traditional dishes that he’s prepared for us to sample. After that, I finally have an opportunity to taste a few of the delights that he’s cooked. We began the meal off with an incredible looking appetizer mixed plate known as Ruam Kam Aroy (รวมคำอร่อย). It included a number of different tasting tidbits to eat. Next was the mixed vegetable dish known as Pad Pak Pun Baan (ผัดผักพื้นบ้าน) which was cooked so it was still crisp and not at all limp or over done. It was a great veggie dish to mix with the other curries and dishes of the meal. Another delicious item on the menu is the traditional Thai Gaeng Run Juan (แกงรัญจวนเนื้อ). This was my first time to eat it, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite! Lastly, The Local is especially famous for their Pla Ta Pien Tom Kem (ปลาตะเพียนต้มเค็ม), which is a signature fish slow simmered in sugar cane juice and ginger. The traditional Thai food meal was fantastic and the entire experience was incredible.

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Greg Austin says:

Oh Man, That Signature fish dish looks so damn delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Restaurants Columbia MO says:

Mark HQ video I like it. I liked it and shared on Twitter to help you further. I learn to do something similar what you do in my town.

Cecelia Falls says:

– Your food looks amazing! Your website can look the same with just some minor enhancements. Would you be interested in updating your website at only $799? Can I have your email so I can send you details?

maikor3 says:

I want to see you try that colorful dish 🙁 the one with the lotus and shrimps

kenny hoque says:

You didn't make the choo choo face so it couldn't have been that good😂

rolando banados says:

Why is he feeding you! you can't just help yourself?

joyfullyorganic says:

That look's very yummy!

Pramort Phonsakkhwa says:

How to tell when Mark love the dish he's eating: orgasmic face 🙂

paul John says:

My mouth is watering! Thanks mate, clips like this really bring my memories flooding back…

clrbrwstr says:

Have stumbled across your and I have to say how much I love your videos. They are short, informative, put together well and just a joy to watch. I am going to Thailand in 5 weeks and will deffinately be partaking in eating street food as you've been such an inspiration. Thank you!

Napadol Klinhom says:

I'm Thai but I don't know this place. Thank for new dinner spot.

Shamael Khan says:

Hey Mark! Awesome video. I was in Bangkok twice in the past 5 years and the food was AMAZING. I stuck with hotel food for the first 2-3 days to acclimate my weak stomach, but then got it going on the street! I've also included your video on my blog called luxecontraveldotcom. It's about traveling luxuriously on an economy budget…you're an insipration my friend!

dulanjan kumarasiri says:

nice video mark… hope to come to bkk soon…..

ブンヤラッタマヨオン says:

Hi Mark
I think you should make a video blog how food blogger like you can maintain weight. I watch that you eat a lot.

dropdeadgregg says:

Did he say he cooked the fish for 20 hours? wow i want to try that, are the bones noticeable?

Mark Wiens says:

Hey, send me a message from my website "contact" form, and I'll get you the guide.

zvrljaa says:

Best wishes from Serbia!

zvrljaa says:

Hey Mark! You are truly amazing! I love your videos and your personality. I wanted to buy your guide since I´m going to Bangkok in April, but we don´t have PayPal in Serbia 🙁
Anyways good job! I hope to see some videos about family owned street restaurants (with addressees or directions) and maybe about one day (food) trips outside of Bangkok. I would like to run into you while in Bangkok, shearing experiences with fellow traveler is always interesting. I appreciate everything you have done.

Mark Wiens says:

Hey John, thanks a lot for sharing. Glad you had some great food!

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