Traditional Muay Thai Training Session at Sinbi Muay Thai Phuket

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The training offered at Sinbi Muay Thai is the same traditional thai training that our trainers got when they were active fighters although they will only go as hard on foriegners as you are serious. In fact our head trainer Met trained most of the trainers who all became champions and best at their weights in Thailand. This is a look into some of the camps youth in a training session with just a couple of weeks before they all have big fights coming up.

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Dick Chapko says:

@Ben: Sinbi is an awesome gym and Thailand is paradise. Best country in the world and I've traveled all over.
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2bsure says:


2bsure says:

@1:43 The trainer says 'Finish him'

Phil IPI says:

Now if we can get those little thai kids to beat up the pedophile tourists who search and stalk them we should make progress.

diante white says:

how do I join it? I really want to be a great MMA athlete and Muay thai's the best way.

FastDamone says:

you'll never hear these kids say, "yo pops i don't want to do this, where's my wii?"

WolFang says:

what are some good muay thai gyms in Thailand?

Bathsalts Booy says:

when a kid has better striking than you -_-

Marko Hinkonen says:

learn to record video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

titlihoon1988 says:

Hello..How long it would take for a beginner to be decent enough to protect themselves ???? I mean as self defence against average joe's

carsten nielsen says:

Yeah man, better just to sit and gain one mindfullness/SAMATHI and do whatever one does, strongly! The essence in Jackie Chams new movie: "Karate Kid"

wt da says:

no.. for kids. no elbows allowed

Tamara Jackson says:

It was so funny when the kid got hit with the pad!!!

SF K says:

3:16 look at his hands !

MuayThaiJayy says:

1 week 4 days and im in phuket, and week in phuket for holiday the other 2 for trainin, <3 MT

kiwinrg says:

fuck yeah 74 days 17 hours till i get to sinbi to train fucke yes hahah

christopher says:

@mentalmetal1 no you mean sitting at home playing video games and asking there moms to make them food.

Phon Xieng says:

@mentalmetal1 and cry and bitch and play xbox ps3 and watch porn and masterbate to playboy magzines

Cesar Santana says:


BK DA ICON says:

lord have mercy I've been trying to get my hip over when i kick for 2 years and this baby does it better than me lol! you truly get to see how learning from child hood makes them great!

llamaman62 says:

wish i could train like that at my gym but i have school can't wait for summer

Zubair Mahmoud says:

why is that men slapping him?

Bagheera says:

@bicco2004 concordo

mentalmetal1 says:

hardcore! and all american kids do is run around picking their noses and having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Non mi piace vedere combattere i bambini….anzi mi fa schifo…

Victor Le says:

the man that hit the kid with the pad was fkn tight !!!!

Ellis X says:

in thai boxing kids beat you 😀

KianShabani says:

Yes same rules for kids. Was in Thailand last year. Some of them starts out as pro as early as 8 years. So no head gear or shin protection.

SINBIMuayThai says:

Yes the kids rules are the same as the adults as far as I can see. The man who hit the kid with the thai pad was his father.

D Crouch says:

Does anyone know if the kid fights are with or without head gear?

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