Top 5 Thai Rice Dishes! – Hot Thai Kitchen Special

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We’ve done Top 5 Noodle Soups in Thailand, now it’s time for a roundup of the top 5 rice dishes! Come with me around Bangkok and see if your favourite dish made the list!

– For Top 5 Noodle Soup Video:
– Kao Mun Gai recipe:
– For more recipes:
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1.50!!!! wow that food is super cheap😍

Elizabeth Shaw says:

My caregiver is from another country and she is Muslim and she cooks very much like that chicken and rice and the soup. I am vegan so she makes it for me with tofu or whatever I asked her to make it with but I know that taste! 🙂

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

I eat Koa man kai once a week,thats how much i love that dish

Raul del Castillo says:

Actually if we watch you and follow you around long enough…we probably won't have to go to Thailand at all!😁(phud len krap pom)… they should make you an Amazing Thailand Ambassadress! Its a must see thanks to you! 😉

Vicky Victoria Jolina Modelling Iliaens says:

I'm so movin to thailand ! Gosh you should really call it fine art ! simple ingredients that do not plunder your wallet in any way at all , in fact it's totally low budget and yet sooooooo yum ! I just had a few questions about Thai Food ( common thai like these ) .I do wonder about the healthaspects and also on the way this food affects your body , skin etcetera because a healthy eating pattern with the right ingredients usually gets you not only healthy and a delicious flavour in your mouth but when you do eat like that , your body starts to show of it's health too which then is refered to as having a great skin etc , so is Thai food for example a solution for people to get a fresher nice looking skin or is that just rubbish ? (note that Thai people always get a nice skin that appears to have like totally no imperfections ??! )I do notice it is very nutritious and healthy so the body benefits from it in any way but I'm just not certain about the '' outlook '' it could affect … ty much

davidwatherton says:

Where's Kao Moo Daeng and Khao Na Ped Yang Moo Krob? Did I miss it? Sumontha

SDarlOmenS says:

either i missed 2 or you only showed 3 dishes

peterstang says:

Glad you enjoy others' cooking as much as your own! Thank you for introducing the local cuisines of Thailand. I will ask for them when I go there.

Keven Lee says:

chicken rice is my country's number 1 food 🙂

kingikiller says:

Can you do a khao mok gai video. It looks so delish and i always remember it from when i forst watched this video

Benjamin Wong says:

Very tasty looking dishes! the videographer is not very good though, focus throws and points of focus are often off, hope to see improvement, peace.

Leningrad Cowboy says:

This is so cool.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes.  

lwnaALiraq says:

I really like your way of presentation, you must be an ambassador to the lovely Thailand..
Good luck 😉

Amanda Tan says:

could you give the addresses of the places where you had those foods? thanks!

MarcusJones415 says:

you are awesome!

demiusofficial says:

I suggest you do a top 5 dishes during Vegetarian Celebration in Thailand :).  I want to see what you eat then.

evotube says:

I really enjoy this culinary trip video, i feel like watching anthony bourdain no reservation episode 🙂

P.S. If you could put the name and address of the best places you have gone on this video, that'll be nice 🙂 so I can follow your food itinerary 🙂


Suhairi Ikmal Baharudin says:

2 years back,I had the same dishes at the muslim restaurant in Bangkok.
Really nice..

bri bart says:

aruba, jamaica, ooo i want to take u to the "kao ka moo" hehe …they all look very tasty!

Talia The Book-Girl says:

I'm remembering my wife's cousins cooking us "Kao Mun Gai" in Thai fusion version and not pure Hainan version.  They used lemon grass and kaffir lime leafs with garlic and ginger in the soup to cook the old hen. They stir fried the raw rice with chicken fat, ginger, garlic, and white pepper before cooking the rice in the chicken broth. The cooked chicken and rice were much more aromatically Thai.  Their sauce was made from the pureed condiments from the soup and more fresh ginger, garlic, and chilies. Enjoyed your show, Pailin.

leftyla says:

Goodness, this made me really hungry.

Kanchho Paudel says:

Madam……. I want see make you yourself not only eating because of I need some ideas. ….so plz next time share new thai recipes thank ….not a mind madam

MrPaprcka says:

Great video! Makes me sad that I didnt try any of these dishes last time when I was in Thailand!  Especially that Thai biryany looks awesome! Thanks to you I now have much better knowledge about Thai cuisine, you simply rock!

cathoneyful says:

I would love it if you can do a recipe on the first rice dish! Looks absolutely divine 🙂

smutpow says:

So happy you showed my favorite dish Kao Kha Moo. Its one of the must have dishes whenever I go to Thailand. But after that I felt so cheated! The few times I had Kao Mun Gai in Thailand, they never included the chicken blood! What's it called in Thai? I must make sure to ask for it when I have that next time I'm in Thailand.
Its also worth noting that the chicken (skin) is a lot less oily compared to those in Malaysia and Singapore. Wonder if its to do with the way the chickens are reared or cooked.

BoyNarusan says:

To be fare I did…when I was in Krung Thep.

BoyNarusan says:

Did you eat all that in a day?

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