Top 10 Places to visit in Phuket / Thailand

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Top 10 Places to go in Phuket, Top 10 Places to see in Phuket
Best Attractions in Phuket to do, Thailand Travel Guide
Where to visit in Phuket ? holiday in phuket
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Antonino Fulco says:

very nice video

deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand,Thank you very much to come travel in my country .We hope you will happy to this trip.

Dimitrios Karagrigoriou says:

Super paradaise…

Coolest Couple In The World says:

Great video! We just posted our top 10 fun things to do in Phuket!

Morocco Travel Vlog says:

Nice video
I subbed
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ripu ishan says:

Hate Chinese rats on the beach

tenzin sonam says:

Animal cruelty all throughout the video!

Top Life says:

Great Vid :)…Can you guys plz take a look at my channel i am having a hard time getting any subscriber 🙁

emily arcenas says:

I've been there to phuket.its a nice place.

Christian tønnesen says:

4:47 what phuket is about haha

น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก says:

so beautiful

KHM Travel & Tours says:

It is better to travel well than to arrive. Buddha

Jimmy Reppas says:

αι γαμης


That's amazing! How long have you been making vids? Check out my videos.

Holidays Tour and Travel says:

Beautiful historic city, thanks for the trip, enjoyed it very much.

TRAVEL With Us says:

Awesome place

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Sarah Smulders says:

Going to Phuket in August, but then it will be rainy…

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