Top 10 Best Thai foods

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1. Tom Yam Goong
2. Pad Thai
3. Kuay Tiew
4. Som Tam
5. Gai Med Ma Moung
6. Kang Kheaw Whan Gai
7. Tom Kha Gai
8. Kao Phad
9 Massaman Curry
10. Khao man gai

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cc ch says:

Thank you for present a thai food

Mic R3afleX says:

som tam number 1

Abhi Foodie says:

Stunning Video ….. I loved it

Sale CNC says:

Pad Ka Prao is one of the best. He's missing this! Thai people say "don't have to think food" = Pad Ka Prao

SyndicateRynn says:

Although I agree with all of these, I think Kanom Jeen Namya should be on the list!

Opal Crystalheart says:

You forgot ONE!!!!! It's called nam!!!(nyam) it tastes so good!!! It's rapped in lettuce and it's fried and it's very rare!!! I eat it every time I go to my gramma's!!! I'm actually learning how to make from her!!!

Oo2k10 says:

What about Pad Ka Prao?

CajunKhan says:

It all looks delicious! I just found a Thai restaurant nearby that is getting great reviews, so I came here looking for some recommendations.

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