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These are the top 10 beaches in Thailand. If you’re coming to Thailand I made a full travel itinerary / video guide for you!
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Posted August 2017


Lost LeBlanc says:

If you're coming here, then I made you something to take all the stress out of traveling Thailand.
Try out my Travel Video Guide for free! –
Let's Get Lost again in the next one 🙂

Beach Bad says:

Thank you .for video😻

Pascal Schoen says:

I see you've been to the Santhiya koh yao yai hotel. Been there twice. I love this place.
Railey got also really crowded since they destroyed everthing on the beach mile to build new resorts.

Real._.Walker says:

Im goin to koh samet on saturday omg

Seth Williams says:

Gorgeous. And the beaches weren’t bad either 04:51 06:34

Jonas Johnsson says:

Thank you! 🙂

Jule Zi says:

Hey! Does anyone know the current laws about making private videos with drones? I read different things that made me feel uneasy, for example you have do register from Jan 2018 unless you don't want to end up in prison. Any experience here? Would be happy to get some information. I will be in Thailand in March & April 18. Thanks 🙂

Dean Beyer says:

It's a good vid. No doubt. But….Are we on a count down? Usually the etiquette is "number 10 Jaboobi beach….. this is the sexiest beach in thailand." "NUMBER 9 .. bla bla blaaa. " "8,7,6 etc etc. HECK, I don't even know the names of the beaches. It all looks like one massive beach

Jam Supawan says:

Thanks you so much for love Thailand and thanks you so much for make a video visit Thailand welcome all people in the world for visit Thailand 😍😍😘😘

Nicola D'Elia says:

You definitely have to go to the similan islands and to Koh lipe!!

jackillin says:

That's crazy. About 10-15+ years ago I used to go to Koh Phi Phi several times a year to get away from everything. Stayed in a hut on Long Beach & would go snorkling with reef sharjs everyday at the reef just off the beach…it was pretty quiet & empty most of the time, no bars or anyrgingon that part of the island. Seems like since the tsunami they built up the island and tourism exploded. Also we regularly had Maya Bay to ourselves.

Christina Søndergaard says:

What about Koh Kradan???

Anna Lena Kiefer says:

Has anyone been on Koh Chang?

Quy Nguyen says:

Subscribed 😅

Drake & Michelle says:

I recommend Freedom Beach Phuket 😊very beautiful 🙂

Laras Shinta says:

Woww thats so beautiful
for the reference check this video to see the best beach in indonesia,Belitung 🙂

Chandra Roy says:

Hi, wanting to visit some of these best beaches from your list, please advise whether to set base in phuket or Krabi?

M G says:


Carlo Navalta says:

Leonardo Di Caprio's The Beach🌴

May Nam says:

Thank you for introducing beautiful sights in my country to everyone.

Milookes Fwen says:

Come to Guadeloupe or Martinique ! its sooo beautiful ! (French Caraībes)

Lee Hanyo says:

Hotel at 3:55?

Claudio Aloha says:

Amazing Video, so much inspiration! Thanks Christian!


Hi Sir, Please allow me to use your this video on my website free of cost for unlimited time.I will be thankful to you.

Christian Lorenz says:

We loved Tanote Bay on Koh Tao in June

John Paul Dionela says:

Hi What's the name of the resort 3:55 / 8:40?

Salmo Sunshine says:

I'm going to Thailand in January and have fallen in love with your videos! Thanks so much for sharing your content

From Calgary!! 🇨🇦

christian trombley says:

I’m studying abroad in Bangkok in 2 weeks. I’ll be there for 4 months. What is the easiest way to get to Phuket in terms of transportation? Also great cinematography in your video!!!

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