Things To Do In Koh Samui Thailand!

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“Things To Do In Koh Samui! – Thailand”
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Hey Guys! Welcome to todays Vlog! Todays Vlog is 3 Days compiled into one video! I ended up getting really bad food poisoning from eating Sushi at a Hotel so one of the days was cut very short. However, I managed to get around Koh Samui and will be showing you some cool things to check out if you’re ever there. I hope you enjoy this video and Subscribe if you like my videos 🙂

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gerald surratt says:

when you travel to another country in Egyptian types of food you have to prepare your system before you eat those food. Before you go to the other country you should go to your doctor and your own country to see if they can prescribe you some antibiotics are you might have to take shots for mosquitoes

Apisak Rachakit says:

Nice and lovely.

Olivia Scalas says:

As soon as I saw Spicy Tuna Roll I was like ooooo big risk their… I think that many have been what made you sick, spicy things and sushi type stuff is usually a no go in thailand although really it should have been fine because the place was so expensive


is the air bar is expensive ?

It's Lauren says:

Omg, you didn't know what Panadol is? Oh. I literally only use either Panadol or Nurofen.

victorchristi says:

Always a good vlog, but nice to have a different host for a change.

Giselle's Life says:

Sierra is engaged!! her FIANCE IS SO SO HOT

Julia Neh says:

great vlog, as always!
I think it was so cute how Tessa continued the vlog for you and filmed the breakfast buffet the same way you always do 🙂

Emily Pal says:

I LOVE THE BACHELOR, right now I'm reading Andi Dorfman's book!

Rodney Newton says:

I'm in Chaweng Beach today. Went to a spa, before lunch at Skybar, for three services today. One woman worked on my two knees, changing dressings on both knees. The spa did not charge me for their " Doctoring ". I fell down on a drainage grate on an uneven sidewalk last Sunday in Bangkok.

helloCAM says:

You know it's real when she continues the vlog when you're sick!!!! Tessa's a keeper!!! <3

Edges Of Earth says:

17:09 Yeah – countless times I have run in to scenarios like this. " It's cheaper to do the more expensive way" lol.

Hope ya feel better soon! ✌🏼

RemyLexington says:

I'm so sorry that you guys are getting sick on your amazing trip. I hope you guys feel better soon. You will be in my prayers.

shyguitargirl1975 says:

Those statues are from Thai Literature. It's one called "Pra Apai Mani" which is about a guy who was with a giant who loved him, but he fell in love with a mermaid. It's by a guy named "Soonton Pu".

colin stevens says:

Sorry to hear you were sick.  Hope the flight to Bangkok goes smoothly. Your videos give us an insight to Koh Samui, it looks a beautiful place. Keep the vids coming.

Sattawut Wongwiangjunt says:

Sorry that you guys were sick. It's weird that they didn't have Tylenol. Maybe you can ask for "Sara" that is another brand for paracetamol. Maybe Dramamine for nausea would definitely help but be careful for sleepiness. Thanks for your videos anyway. I really love them. Hope you have good time for the rest of the trip.

khalil k says:

So inspirational vlog Josh. You are amazing.

Nana_Heyyy says:

The guy in the restaurant sounded amazing💕

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