The World’s Biggest Red Light District – Pattaya, Thailand

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The world’s biggest red light district is not in Amsterdam, nor is it in Bangkok, a much larger city, but it is in Pattaya, just 120 KM down the coast from BKK. The city has street after street full of bars, go go clubs and night clubs. It’s not just a red light district but also a great party and tourist zone. Many people come to the city to enjoy the unique atmosphere and anything goes environment with no intention to partake in red light activities. It is one of the most unique cities on the planet


Guilty Stroker says:

Biggest red light district in the world and yet a quarter of the video you show a guy dancing in the street. Thanks….

Gimmee_Your_Money says:

Charlie, it's a man. No lady.

matt rees says:

maybe a stupid question Charlie but when you talk about freelancers do they have pimps? that is the worse side of all the crazy shit there hope they don't pay off some sucmbag also

G T says:

Another claim from CC, but a simple google search reveals: Sonagachi, Asia's largest red light district with hundreds of multi-storey brothels home to prostitutes. Roughly 14,000 prostitutes from all over India work in the red light district Sonagachi, in the western city of Kolkata, India.
I think you can get your prostitutes for much less than in Pattaya CC, go there.
But yes, Pattaya is a great party-town.

CL W says:

If you are inside some club or bar could you make a short subtitle with the name and probably drink prices. Would make your videos more informative. Otherwise it is getting boring soon just to see Walking street

colin smith says:

I can't help thinking, sad, lonely empty and superficial but I still enjoy your videos and I am fascinated with its content. This possiblity is a reflection of my own life which is lacking too.

franky vivo says:

Search on youtube for (Trustus jones) ,nice vid from CCC completely wasted and speaking his mind about some dude,funny

Johan Grey says:

Got a feeling your loosing it…

Johan Grey says:

Good work with the Indian ladies at the beginning of the vid…

Fecal Matters says:

Where's the ganja?

Aussie Murph says:

just watch twitchy morning ramble number 72 he said he is coming for you next watch your back mate he is trouble

Rob Crow says:

Dude looks like a lady…..

Nick Lopes says:

Ahhh man….please stop showing that ghetto rat Bob in your vids. Have some more class…like Sean does.

Daniel K. says:

This won't help me with my physics exam, but it's way more entertaining.

Da Mobb says:

why don't you buy vodka or whiskey, do a koolaid mix or something then put it in a one gallon jug. put that in your back pack and go filming. that way, you don't gotta keep buying expensive beer. we do this all the time in the states when we go to a football game cause they be ripping us of with a 12 oz cup of beer costing $5.00!!!

James Ross says:

What happened with your apartment at the base condos?

Shocker CK says:

Yikes, creepy guy in sunglasses….

lonnie nail says:

hi, on your hotel videos do some of the hotels have access for a wheel chair

Gaz Coates says:

Does anyone know why he was kicked out his last apartment?

112X 112X says:

Yo CHARLIE do you know that the loser called twitchy is coming after you soon?

Paul Mulvey says:


PJ Walker says:

Seriously, can't you tell these obvious ladyboys from the real thing? Or is it all the same to you?

Les Duthie says:

Be there in 2 days. Staying at view tallay 6. Booked late and at high season so payed a premium but it is worth it. Love the view and location.

DontLookAtMeLad says:

So weird looking at these videos knowing ive been there now

Jordan Hyatt says:

Thailand Bob is Tyler Durden

chetan patel says:

Hi Charlie l am your big fans your every YouTube clips I watched & I like it I never been in Thailand & pattaya but I really like that now I am familiar from that place due to watching your video clips Thank you very much for it rtnow I am in Melbourne I will be back to my home country India in March 2018 after that I am planning to visit pattaya & I wish I will try to meet you Thanks a lot & keep it up this our video journey

ras124 says:

they just found out about break dancing?


Always enjoy your vids CC. Thanks again.

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