The Travel Hack I Use to Stay Inspired from Koh Samui, Thailand

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In last week’s experimental Vlog, I shared with you some travel options that my wife and I were debating over.

Well, we made it!

In this episode, I explain my thoughts on vacation from the Intercontinental Hotel Koh Samui, as well as some practical strategies I’ve used to get inspired whenever I’m burnt out from poker or work.

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pat leyland says:

nobody that has a job can relate to this comes out like paris hilton holy cow is this poker for the rich an famous you do know your on earth hey

McGavel1 says:

Awesome tips, thanks! GL – never give up – have fun! My friend and I came up with a phrase I like – "Balance your talents."

Joel Charron says:

Great stuff man!

Kos Leo says:

luxurious vacation or "free life" isn't for everyone. You should focus on advice to people in how to improve their play. And I don't mean a specific hand of a day. What should I do to improve, what to read, how to think etc. I don't have a job, I don't have money to pay you for coaching but I am not interesting about watching about your "beautiful vacation" without giving me true advice about poker. No offence but you know what I mean…

Pew Pee Pee says:

Visit Philippines too poker at Solaire casino..visit Boracay..El Nido Palawan or try the Tao Expdition…only suggesting man…..

vegask2 says:

Do you think you are subconsciously taking all these trips because you know the time is coming for wife to want kids. I believe she is starting to get that age when the biological clock is ticking if she is the same age as you. Just a read from one poker player to another;) How do you think that will affect your game and is that why you are looking for other avenues such as YouTube for the future.

rayan9090 says:

Great hack! I try to used the same strategy with life, not just vacations. But what do you do if something doesn't go as planned? let's say everything is going great and as planned, and all of a sudden you get in some unexpected trouble, which we've all had. I'd love to get your thoughts on how to get deal with tough life spots.

ChrisC says:

You're there at an interesting moment in Thai history.

Me, it takes me forever to resolve on going on a vacation. Poker is recreational for me so unlike you I may well take a poker vacation — but this month I took way too long to decide to go to Jason Somerville's event in Reno in a week or two. So I'm not going. Reasonable room rates at the casino are impossible to get right now, and staying somewhere else in town is a pain in the ass.

BUT, I've finally decided — work permitting — to take a trip to Japan. I've wanted to attend a sumo tournament for ages, and with some other sumo fans online planning to meet for the May tournament in Tokyo, I can think of no reason why I shouldn't go.

Sam Awad says:

Solid advice and an inspiring view! Thanks Alec

Zaungast says:

My daily problem: Choosing between Koh Samui and NYC!

Lloyd Bolt says:

the King is dead, long live the King, R.I.P Bhumibol Adulyadej

Juuuleez says:

U shud go to koh tao or koh phiphi…koh samui is full of old ppl

Garrett Smith says:

Cool thoughts, thanks. Also, audio sounded a lot better to me. Did you change anything about how you captured the audio for this video from the ones in the room next to the plant?

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