The Traditional Way to Eat Thai Food – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 37

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Thai food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines, but not every guest knows the authentic way to enjoy popular Thai dishes. Let Executive Chef/Owner Hong Thaimee of Ngam restaurant show you the best way to eat Thai food (hint: just because you have chopsticks doesn’t mean you should use them for everything!)

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soontaree srikanjana says:

i'm Thai and did it too much rules! just eat it and enjoy it.

Vitor Carvalho says:

Yes , please stick to eating with your hands and sticks because thai people have disrespected our western ETIQUETTE rules and have gone as far as to say that a knife is not to be used but the fork is not to touch your mouth except for the spoon . WTF !!!!!!!!!

Wasun Kedkeaw says:

Eat Sticky rice Use fork .

Tiaimo says:

FYI- Just only sticky rice, we mostly use bare hand. But for normal rice we use spoon in daily life. Some pretty specific dish and old style, we can use bare hand.

TomatoSauce19 says:

just eat the fucking food

Joy Slezak says:

So why did she touch the rice with her left (dirty hand)?

Kristin Wright says:

Most Thai restaurants I go to here don't even give you an eating spoon. Just a fork. You have to ask for it. And some of the servers are confused when you ask. But some give me a smile and bring me my spoon. This white girl really likes to eat food the way it was intended and frankly I think it tastes better that way. I didn't know about the soup thing. That is cool.

Eleazar Villalon says:

The right way to eat with a spoon and a fork. These people are morons

lol Maste Jobs says:

That woman in the intro made me cringe so bad

Anna Chandrakasem says:

Honestly, this is more for etiquette purposes if you're eating with your family or others. As a Thai person, I do get really annoyed when I see people using utensils to eat their sticky rice. It's such a waste because eventually it dries out faster than jasmine rice and no one wants to eat it anymore.

heavy meddle says:

I've been living nonstop in Koh Lanta Thailand 3 1/2 yrs and weight 95 kg when I came. I put 1 bath in a scale and after only 10-12 m my weight was 61.4 kg. Without trying to diet. Im NOT sick. True

karim hassane says:

So the fork is only for pushing, seriously? I'll go chop sticks and spoon combo.

Kookie Jin says:

I'M not Thai but i am Native to Thai!

Chase Steffensen says:

Never trust a chef who tells you not to slurp. They're afraid you'll taste their flaws.

deathberriru says:

wait, i thought spoon and fork method of eating was a western thing! that was the way colonials taught us about table manner….. or american just not…

spongebob meme says:

tbh.i eat both rice with hands.i don't care about the heat off it but the taste and feeling is better than a utensil

HoneyedHylian says:

I think "stop eating it wrong" is a strange title. Maybe something more like Traditional Thai Etiquette

TheChickenGod says:

My mom is lowes and my dad is thai and i ate properly without noticing lol. Also my favorite food if papasalad or the other name for it.

Myra The one and only says:

It's call manners, but eat it how you want. No one can judge

mmmmm755 says:

As a Thai, these people trigger me somehow.

Chlarence Yu says:

I found out that not all cultures eat with a spoon and a fork from my friend recently and it absolutely blew my mind!!! You know how much more efficient eating with a spoon and a fork is compared to a knife and a fork?(being Filipino I thought everyone ate with a spoon and a fork)

cynthia mathew says:

… i understand that you want to teaches others how to eat the right the way to eat certain foods ,but you should let people decide how they want to eat it.

ทักษ์ มากสังข์ says:

eat what you need but not forget manner .

Park Jimin says:

Omg please do a video on how to breathe the right way!!

2muchtv says:

This may explain why I don't like Thai curry.

Oligg says:

these people must be acting… how can they be so dumb?

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