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Cool, Hot, Good, Funny, crazy and exciting Thailand. Discover and Explorer Phuket . Best place to see…The most popular destination in the world…Phuket Thailand travel video on you tube. “dream travel”. Extreme and impressive Thailand. What to see, to do, to eat and to visit in Thailand.. Traditional and authentic Thailand. Best thinks to do and best things and best place to see in Phuket island. When we thinks Thailand we thinks : Thai boxing, thai food, temple, buddha, sexy thai girls…. and king palace, wat po temple, patpong street, lumphini parc, giant buddha, night club, massage, smile, happy…….this is Thai…..amazing Thailand.Many thai food recipe : thai curry recipe, noodles recipe, pad thai recipe, yellow noodle soup recipe, papaya salad recipe, thai chicken recipe, beef rice recipe, masaman curry recipe, prawn, chicken, porc, garlic and pepper recipe, mango sticky rice recipe, fried rice vegetable recipe, tom yam recipe, lobster recipe, crab recipe, fish grilled recipe, pancake recipe, donut’s recipe, thai crepe recipe, ice cream roll recipe, coconut milk recipe……
Top 10 to thinks to do et to see on Phuket island Thailand.
Phuket Big buddha temple, Phromthep cape, Elephant ride phuket, Buggy cross and Kart Phuket patong, Fantasea kamala beach phuket, Thai street food pancake recipe and night market kitchen, Surf ride Kata beach, Phuket Chalong Temple, Week-end market Phuket, To do sport in Thailand: Snorkeling, kayaking, paraglanding, Longtail ride, fishing…..Phuket island is a real paradise: Patong beach, kata beach, karon beach, nai harn beach, surin beach, nui beach, Nathon beach, khaolak beach,
Thailand is a very good and nice destination for a perfect and nice holiday. The life is good, people are very nice and kind, the Thai food, Thai kitchen, Thai food dishes and all Thai food recipe are fantastic and cheap, the beaches amazing and the weather very nice. Paradise for diving, snorkeling, fishing, relaxing, spearfishing in Thailand….Very good country and place for Thai shopping. Shopping in Bangkok Thailand. Many famous Star and international Star like: PSY «gangnam style», justin Bieber, Stromae, david guetta, katy perry, Rihanna orsome French Artist Cyprien and Norman love Thailand. Good destination for Honeymoon and best weeding. Dream travel and the best and nicer place to see in Thailand.. Good deal and good life. Traveling in Thailand is very easy.
Thailand is a very good, easy, cheap and save destination for a very nice Holiday. If you like a nice culture, a nice Temple, good and cheap food, good people, easy life its the best destination in the world for all the family, Honeymoon or a nice weeding. Save and easy for child. Traveling in Thailand is easy.
Voyager en Thailande c’est tres facile. Un marché nocturne avec des centaines de vendeurs: des cuisines et cantines qui proposent des plats Thai et des recettes Thai incroyable a des prix vraiment pas cher et succulent. Il y en a partout en Thaïlande: Chiang Mia, Bangkok, Koh samui, Krabi, Phuket, Sukkothai…….
Une destination facile, incroyable, belle pour tout le monde petit et grand, avec ou sans enfants. Sûrement une des meilleures cuisines au monde et les plus belles vacances au monde. La Thailande est sûrement le pays pour réussir vos plus belles vacances du monde ou votre plus beau voyage du monde.Une belle destination pour une lune de miel ou un mariage au bout du monde. Posibilité de faire des vacances pas cher et formidable en Thaïlande .La vie est belle, les gens adorables, la nourriture incroyable avec des dizaines de recettes Thai et de fantastiques plats thai. Une tres belle destination pour les amoureux de temple, de culture, de tradition, de coutume, de soleil, de belle plage, de sable blanc, de cocotier…Le paradis des plongeurs en bouteilles et des chasseurs sous marins. Chasse sous marine en Thailande……..Des vacances sans risque et sans danger….Voyages de reves et les plus beaux beaux lieux et sites touristiques a voir en Thailande..
мечтать отпуск в Таиланде….приготовления пищи и рецепты из Таиланда…..самые красивые места в Таиланде…..


David Cadman says:

Those elephants were clearly mistreated, don't ride them, go to the sanctuarys and wash them!

Tony WEBB says:

Shame on you for advertising elephants in chains doing circus tricks!!

buya shaka says:

party in bangla road ? tiger kingdom ? karon viewpoint ?

burano peach says:


xman ### says:

Please don't ride elephants, they are torturing them 😭😭😭😭

Joseph Vermont Bandoy says:

How much did it cost you to travel? Say how much if you ride a taxi and other modes of transportation?

kingpranw141180 says:

Do not ride the elephants in Thailand

greekchic1 says:

Great video but not #3. Please visit elephant sanctuaries if you want to see elephants.

Cat Garlo says:

Riding elephants actually gives them long term damage, their spines are not like horses they should not have to carry a human's weight. besides the fact any elephant that has been tamed has been tortured into submission, shame on you!

eagle2180 says:

May I know how you travel from 1 stop to another? Do you ride taxi or rent car?

Kunal V says:

What is the music at 2:48

Technofan1980 says:

I remember my phuket adventure in June 2016. I was in almost all places in the video.

King Kong says:

Nr 3 is fuckt up

William J. Castillo says:

Poor elephants 🙁

Rebeca Cruz says:

where would you recommend to do the #10? the sports and activities? which beach

Shu Tseng says:

Many thanks very helpful! 😊

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