The Surin Phuket, a YTL Hotel, Thailand

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A YTL luxury hotel at Surin Beach on Phuket’s west coast. A walk from the beach, up through the hotel building past the beachside pool, through the forested hillside to a hilltop cottage. Bit of an uphill trek.


Sumeet Chander says:

great videos. Booked the Surin today

Deep Relax Thailand says:

Paradise Found. Beautiful and so luxurious

s1221ljc says:

I have been to this hotel 20+ years back and it was peaceful beautiful picture perfect views from the cottages chalets stretched along and up the hills.Since then it has undergone many change of hands in ownership and renovations. Now it look so cold dull and boring with its all white modern but plain façade imo. The original Chedi has this character with its warm rich Thai design and this atmosphere of seclusion with nature that was most appealing. And its even much more expensive now.

Technospaz says:

Between this hotel and the Westin Siray Bay, which did you prefer?

MrKesavaraj says:

Hotel website; and as much as I'd like to, I don't own the hotel 😉

faizal abd rahman says:

♥ the sandy n sunny beaches…jst like my homeplace at Tg Aru Kota Kinabalu Sabah…

MrKesavaraj says:

Yah, YTL also Pangkor Laut – on the radar, but a bit of a hassle to get to. Nearest airport to Pangkor Laut 2 hours car and a boat ride away, and a domestic airport at that. I'm not sure about the history to this place. Westin better mate – Surin may look better on video, but Westin Phuket I liked more. Phuket nicer than Krabi, but liked Koh Samui most. Largely depends which hotel stay at – most of rest of place looks the same. Reckon choice of hotel determines experience.

Lee Claxton says:

Isn't YTL group also responsible for Pangkor Laut resort? That was one of the resorts that got me amazed with Asian destinations (along with the Datai). I didn't hear you mention it in your video, but I think The Surin used to be The Chedi managed by GHM. I don't know why they relinquished the property, it looks amazing. I prefer it to The Westin that you also stayed at here in Phuket, but as destinations, did you prefer Phuket or Krabi? I remember your videos from Sheraton and RC-Phulay Bay.

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