The People of Pattaya, Thailand

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Cheap Charlie takes in the sights and sounds of Pattaya, Thailand, films the people, streets, markets and food of this wonderful city.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

I'm surprised no one picked this up but that was Thailand Bob's real Dad at 6:48

Ramon van Huizen says:

Nice one, Charlie! Thanks

David Spears says:

Old clips here from previous vids

genghis says:

great camera

Raymond Strunk says:

Nice editing. Thanks.

boogieman 48 says:

As much as I enjoy looking at the hot women videos. I definitely like watching videos of the real people the Common People hard-working

Rameron 69 says:

Adoro esses videos

Reesey Wozniak says:

would you be visiting other areas of thailand like chiang mai or chiang rai?
heard they have all sort of beautiful temples and nightlife

ccammy1 says:

Hahahaha Bobs a funny guy. I can dance better than him and my mates call me metal Micky cause I’m so stiff

Voltaire Duterte says:

Charlie appreciates your enthusiasm to share.

Ontario Andrews says:

Good video. Suggestion: do a video of the live bands there. Don't focus on one club, but several that have live singers/bands. I think that would be an enjoy video to watch. Maybe you can just edit from previous vids; slice many live bands into one video. Thanks.

Rajender Rajender says:

Why jc move Vietnam
Censor block affect youtuber in pattaya???????
7.57 apdi podu old video

channel of szabolcs varga says:

those buddhizt son of a hells should free muzlims in burma why don't you go there to film
these goofs

AlanT says:

,, way better than previous video” but your bests are those with Sean


At 7:40, I just love to see people dancing and having a good old time. Makes me appreciate life so much more. Cheers CCC!


Great shots. You are really improving almost daily.

Nuon says:

How long are you staying there?


Is it legal to sleep on the beach?

Nomadic Philippines Vlogs says:

Great vlog man! good vibes

sankalp chhabra says:

Nice video brother the last 2min of your video is the best

Howard Neely says:

I'm here at the moment, CC, the water and beach seems pretty clean, still Koh Larn is my choice. Has anyone heard if the Mike C rooftop pool will be remain as part of the new refurb?

WelcomeHome76 says:

how come you didn't post any footage of the fire in walking street? you just have gotten something. your there all the time.

Kamyab Samadi says:

perfect shots from all over the town, loved it! bringing back the memories left me in tears actually!

PeterFreitag says:

I do not know why, but I like the wobbly old pictures of CC more than this clean high end picture.

Shortyshrew says:

Dude your new camera is lit. When are you gunna give us an update on it and your channel? We wanna know what’s going on with Cheap Charlie!

Geo Geo says:

Nice video Charlie. I been watching your videos early since you started. Great improvement and great rise in your subscribers numbers. I also used them when I was in Thailand few weeks ago to visit places.

SwanInnSongkran says:

The dancer at 8:15 looked like the ex tourist volunteer policeman, Howard.

SwanInnSongkran says:

Nice camera shots Charlie. When I'm away from Thailand, as I am now, these videos keep me in the zone. Thank you.

TheLman77 says:

Where's the boy Sean and Mae?Do they still hang out now that she moved out?😳

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