The most famous TOM YUM GOONG and noodle restaurant in Thailand “Pee Aor”

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Tee Handsome says:

ผมยาวไม่ใส่หมวกคลุม ใช้มือหยิบกุ้ง เหงื่อไหลไคลย้อย นี่อยู่ในอินเดียหรือไทยเนี่ย….โอยยยย

Jane bentley says:

was it sour with lime juice in it already like normal tom yum or not sour at all?

Jane bentley says:

how does the broth taste? is it made with pork bones or shrimp stock or chicken? does the broth have lime juice in it at all or already or none? because lime will change flavor when it continues to boil right. thank you so much you did an excellent job with this video!

TheGiua1973 says:

is she putting hot bowls of soup on top of raw seafood?

N'nine choosak says:


pilot black says:

สกปรกมาก น่าเกียจ วางจานไว้บนหมึกสดอร่อยแค่ไหนก็ไม่ไหว เพลียสันดารแม่ค้า ดูผมเปียกเหงื่อท่วม ตากห่าเถอะ

along Gr. says:

na kin mak ><

sulasno says:

Where is the lobster?

Montreal288 says:

Thats very nice. Good job. thanks!

Tanya F says:

please dont put music in video
the natural backdround sound is much better 🙂

Nick W says:

Yum!! 👏👌

MIck Chotsawang says:

that awesome😋

MIck Chotsawang says:

that awesome😋

MIck Chotsawang says:

that awesome😋

Ioanna Vasilikou says:

👍 Yes!!!

xxxtracerxxx2007 says:

except for the omelet everything looks good….

Leti Chavez says:

Todo m gusto, súper riquísimo, gracias…

chan ho says:

Aroi mak mak

Ralphie_Boy says:

That both of sea food has to be the BOMB!

dingodingo82 says:

where you do get those funny sounds like "woooow" or "yeahhhh" haha

Choi Lu says:

whats the address to this restaurant please, thanks

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