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Andy Ricker might not be Thai but he lived there and speaks the language. Is his food at Pok Pok in Portland worth the hype?! See what we think!




Shot by: Alex Siu, Brian Nguyen
Edited by: Joseph Albano


Yuvan Jenis says:

How will you"ll finish all the food

Mantong Lee says:

I just looked at the menu on Yelp and the food is expensive, $15.5 for a bowl of Khao soi, $17 for khanom jiin? I thought it was supposed to be Esaan food, which is supposed to be cheap and affordable for the everyday, working class. I hope the food is worth the price.

Alessandra25ish says:

yooo brian we have french toast and coffee together all dayyy

K2Karakoram says:

Ok so I have some other restaurants you guys should check out. Lets start out with yet more Thai restaurants in Portland since there are supposed to be so many high quality ones in Portland(I have yet to check out any of these)

Chiang Mai

PaaDee and LANGBAAN are both owned by the same guy. LANGBAAN is actually inside Paadee is supposedly behind a secret door inside of Paadee. LANGBAAN is supposed to be quite expensive and is notorious for being difficult to get reservations(supposedly the most difficult to get reservations in Portland).

Also from Portland but not thai are the following restaurants that are supposed to be highly rated(I haven't been to any except LAURELHURST MARKET which was damn good)

Little Bird

The only one of the above that is somewhat Asian is aviarty which has been described as Asian Fusion.

Outside of Portland I would really try Sabai Thai in Port Angeles, Washington just north of Olympic National Park. This was an incredible Thai restraunt.By Yelp's and Tripadvisor rankings, this is higher than any restraunt that I know of in Oregon(where I'm from).

One other restraunt that I'm curious about that is in Chicago which specializes in macanese cuisine(blend of southern Chinese,Portuguese and southeast asian cuisines) and thats called Fat Rice

Lets any others I'm curious about that you guys should check out? Maybe some barbecue places but they have been done to death already. Oh well there is Franklin's barqeuce in Austin. In Kansas city you have the highly regarded and popular Joe's Kansas City BBQ, Q39 and Jack Stack BQUE. I haven't tried any of them but would like to one day.

Charles Hall says:

Thai peeps would diagree He closed in L A

Sagam Ghamal says:

Soul food mahanakorn Thailand

Hustlerkidfromrecess says:

That white guy a culture vulture 😂 trying to capitalize off Asian cuisine what a joke

Nick Jones says:

Where did this swag come from? TF

Am_peaches says:

My bad I'm late for this. Great you guys has tried the wing bean salad with shrimps it's kinda secret dish ! Well but that's not isaan foods js. Hoi Thowt ??!!?? Who's the fuck called "Thowt" it's just Hoi Tord ok !! 2 dishes from North of Thailand well-known dishes they looks ok just ok … And the way you ate the sticky rice with meat reminds me of how sushi become ! Hope you guys find the original Thai food restaurant in USA. Even Padthai videos there I couldn't accept one. Brrrrr …. But love watching your vids as always.

Mew Meow says:

He said hoi twat😂😂 pussy pussy

James Saefong says:

The third dude looks loaded all the time

Flaming Ice says:

Barely anyone eats "Fried Chicken" in the Northern East regions, except KFC which is very uncommon to see, and we never had catfish salad thing, it's mostly pork and chicken, and Muse Tei or Pork Satay is super uncommon and it's mainly Malaysian, and Indonesian dish, and you don't need eat Pork Satay with, it's rice.Very unauthentic.

Stumps & Removal says:

wife is from thailand and some of she food she doesn't even know wtf they are ahaha, this is like taco bell to be saying they're mexican food.

fbx_ says:

Being from pattaya, i've never seen any of these dishes

Lynnette&Jason LY says:

The 3rd guy needa go, he try to hard

Bao Lu says:

"I just got so excited i put a piece of ice on my plate" lmao

Anthonyn503 says:

This place is fucking gross. Fung bros bullshit me

Will Lawrence says:

Go to howlin rays in la

Simon Chu says:

Great at the start and then became sooooooo boring

Adam Castillo says:

This is a fusion restaurant guys not a Thai place. The Gai yang looks terrible by Thai standards – and bread at a authentic/Isaan style restaurant? Come on guys I've seen better in East Hollywood. By Thai standards you can walk into Nara in any mall in Bangkok and get way better than this. Btw Isaan is NOT northern "sausage" it is Northeast- there is a huge difference in culture food even language.

airobyou says:

i love pokpok… parking not so much 😅

Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

I went to PokPok in LA just because of the name (rude in my language) Greetings from the 🇵🇭!

Kathi Baer says:

Please try ichiran Ramen ! 😍😍

Tiffany Smith says:

Why is it that every time I watch a video I can't get over how fine they and some of their friends are. 😂

Dave Edmiston says:

I used to live walking distance from there. so good!

NgoNgo Sica Vlogs says:

I would like to say that catfish noodle dish is not just Vietnamese, is southeast Asian. Thai, Cambodia, Vietnamese, etc. just have different twist.

Tiffany PoodleNPortland says:

Ashamed to say I've never been; but I'm definitely going now! I love my city!

Khmer Protector says:

pok pok 😂😂😂

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