The Links Hotel $17/Night – Great Golf Destination in Pattaya Thailand.

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There are many golf courses near Pattaya, which is surrounded by beautiful countryside. This hotel has shuttles which can take you to these beautiful places for a very reasonable price. They also rent golf clubs. The rooms are a very reasonable price from 500 to 700 baht.


colin smith says:

Always a good idea to test the mattress and check it's not like a sheet of concrete.

Bernard COURBE says:

Yes, but there's no lift… and golf bags are very loud after playing….

Theodore Narvaez says:

I like your videos, because you talk about where you are and explain things. So many of the other videos are just people walking down a street with no explatnation of what we are seeing or where. Thank you.

Zero G says:

cheap Charlie's a bad ass

Ricky Star says:

Hey man, can you please do a review on Katesiree House on Soi Buakhao sometime? I have booked to stay there and is budget and cheap charlie approved. Plus, I wanna meet up in February, hit me up man. Peace – Ricky

sean mann says:

The courses In Thailand are great. They would cost you 4 times as much in the States if you could even get on them. I played the Kheo Kheow course.

craig mitcham says:

i stayed thailand 3 months over xmas and played golf with the lads from the links hotel brilliant bunch of lads made my holiday

Hubub Armour says:

We never see you on your motorbike?? Do you really have/rent one?? Most Pattaya vloggers show some motorbike footage at some point of their channel., but nothing from CCC…??

fredytube77 says:

Looks good!

James W says:

Very nice, after climbing the steps be too tired to golf lol

derek lewis says:

bruh you seriously need to see if you can do affiliate links for agoda or something to get paid off sending people to these motels.

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