The Harbor Shopping Mall Pattaya, Thailand. A bottom to top walkthrough

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It’s another Thaiday Friday!! BFB is looking for some cheap flashdrives and he is on a quest to find them at Pattaya’s newest shopping mall. Can he succeed or is it another massive fail??

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Gerald Brown says:

Welcome ….."home" Besty! Going to be a long Friday?

Paul B says:

nice vlog BFB ,just another place to get some free aircon IMHO and it will sink without trace when the new T21 building opens up near Dolphin roundabout 2nd Rd

WelcomeHome76 says:

does the baht busses go both ways on Central pattaya rd?

sconna4951 says:

Love all you vlogs Besty keep them coming pal

Paul Withers says:

Nice one a Besty will visit when i go in October

Jay Cutts says:

Your dressed like Robinson Crusoe where Man Thaiday

Jan Ivar Mossefinn says:


Seb Ian says:

Useful video … that looks like a huge shopping centre … must visit it next time I'm in Pattaya.

Mr. Box says:

Great to see the likes outweighing the dislikes again!!

gary kirkham says:

Alright Besty. Thanks for another fantastic vlog. Look forward to watching the adventures of you 'brit youtubers'.. have you considered phuket?.. maybe patong beach or kata beach? All the best mate and thank you for sharing with us. Cheers Gary

Jeremy Williams says:

If you are going to show the vista, please pause long enough for us to see it. 🙂

Stan Campbell says:

I feel sorry for the shop assistants. It must be a long day with very few customers. I said it before : too many shopping malls in Pattaya with dwindling numbers of shoppers.

SwanInnSongkran says:

Nice one Besty.

Pattaya Pariah says:

This is the future Pattaya that the Tourist Authority want to placate Western mentality. Sanitized, Family friendly, owned by venture capital groups, devoid of individuality, overpriced, high rents for businesses. Enjoy.

First step Investment says:

How about a blog around Mabprachan Lake and some of the areas close to the lake like PaTTa village? Pattaya soccer stadium?

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