The Famous Bangkok Thailand Street Food Noodle – Huge Seafood and Dim sum Jompalang Noodle

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Sabita Gurung says:

This is khanam chin i know..uummmmm testi

lokas tudo says:

Q rói Aff meu Deus

seceber says:

Insane with hot food in plastic and plastic in hot pot….cancerous

Kejia Furnace says:


Miki Cocoo says:


Jorge Luis Salguero Amen says:


gandu mulle says:

plastic noodles made by son of bitch "CHINA"

귀여운레몬 says:


Kon YT says:

This video made me hungry and wants me to go back in TH

Cook N Cooks says:

nice one…

Larisa Gorbachova says:

А, какие порции!И сколько там ингридиентов?И работают в перчатках!

Larisa Gorbachova says:

И никакой санстанции,никакого роспотребнадзора,пожарников,никаких налоговиков.Вот это и есть -свобода бизнеса.

Jefferson Moura says:

Alguem do Brasil.?

Around Dhaka says:

I like this kind of video,thanks.

music coriti says:

Não tenho corage de comer essa comida não.. credo aguada😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😷😷😷😷

รักแล้วรักเลย ไม่มีวันเปลี่ยน says:


DPRK song, movie, moranbong band, ski tour, trip says:

is my imagination or those guys don't look too happy?

Jerry Hubbard says:

I would love to see the health rating on places like this.

Rodrigo Luis says:

É bonito de ver a forma que se monta esse prato…

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