The Cheapest Buffet I’ve ever seen! Desserts included, NoTime limit – Thailand restaurant

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James Blackledge says:

I see the title includes "no time limit", so are they putting time limits on buffets now?


chicken feet… ting!!

Jonathan Mosebach says:

It looks like chicken feet curry buffet…🍛

Steven ZZ says:

0:14 Ratchanok Intannon ?

Imami keke says:

those are food ?

galangal kid says:

sneeze guards

John Wong says:

No meat no fish only chicken feet that's why so cheap

la di says:

oh no 🙈😂… ting 🤘🏻😏

joel750 says:

$3.00 for an "All-You-Can-Eat" buffet!? Dude that's steal!!!! Here in America, the average buffet restaurant is $15.99 and it changes to $18.99 in the weekends. You guys are very lucky and the foods are also very healthy…All greens (Fruits and Vegetables) and it;s all freshly made. 🙂

wheresnightmare says:

More meattttt please Ox

WhyDidYouReadThisAllTheWayToTheEnd?? says:

oh my, who got shot at 8:57?

gapp za says:

ไม่รู้นะว่ามีขนมจีนบุฟเฟ่ ต้องไปหลายๆคนอร่อย.. .. ดูแล้วน่าอร้อยอร่อย .. ร้านอยูแถวไหนคะ ..?

ufc says:

it seems only meat here is chicken feet.

New York City Channel says:

Why don't they talk or say anything?

Stephanie SC says:

Cheapest buffet comes with tapeworm juices, bodily fluids, butt nuggets, boogers 😉

Patrick says:

Not appetising looking thai food i have to say like the soups looked so watery rather thick

pwhisky room says:


chocomallows says:

kadiri naman yan….kaya pala mura!

sayeed sikder says:

It's cheap but look like way more healthier food than other good buffet

Ems Dalem says:

It's not appetizing though.

vijay surendran says:

she likes her chicken feet . lol

Smiley Mango says:

Is it normal to use used bowl/ plate to get more food over there? There's more chance to transfer the spit around…

ciliya bernard says:

99 bath. but only much vegetables

ciliya bernard says:

what resturant is it? tq

Clarissa J says:

looks disgusting

TheSpritz0 says:

How come they don't have ANY rice there?? Doesn't seem right- and I've been to Bangkok!
P.S. MOST of the dishes are Chicken Feet, and lots of raw ingredients like Bitter Melon that has to be cooked!

LaBinga Bling 1 says:

i really enjoyed watching, i just would like to know if u can tell us what each item is….Thk u keep u good job.

imtiaz shah says:

No wonder it's cheap chicken feet and more chicken feet lol

Sisomphone 1977 says:

dont look so good! toilet foods!

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