The Best Things You Can Do In Phuket Thailand For 6 Days Travel Guide Thailand Video

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If you would like your holiday videos to be edited as good as this contact us at Please subscribe.The holiday begins with a magnificent flight on a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300 from Johannesburg to Doha. From Doha the journey continuous with a six hour flight to Phuket International Airport on Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The flight was empty in economy class so I but the rail up in the seat section and had three seats to myself so I had business class in economy.

Day1: I was jet lagged for a bit after my flight so I spent my day relaxing at the Sunset Beach Resort Hotel which is owned by South African citizens. The room was king sized with a king sized bed, large bathroom with a bath, obtained free wifi and even a complimentary breakfast. Unfortunately because of my jet lag I missed breakfast for two days in a row. I decided to spend my day on Pan-tong Beach. The weather was a bit grey on this day but I still had a swim in the warm sea. I used my Go Pro Hero 3 and my iPhone 7 catalyst waterproof case to take the shots in this video. I decided to take a jet ski ride in the middle of the ocean. The sea was quiet flat so it was easy to maneuver the jet ski in the waves. I took a few bumps and sharp turns but above all it was a fun ride. Then when it got dark I explored the city a bit and discovered Patong Beach Surf which had a large flow rider. I tried it for the first time and did not too badly I just struggled to turn so I fell off my board. I continued exploring the streets and met a beautiful girl from Columbia in the dance club. She was amazing lets just say.

Day 2: My jet lag had sort of recovered so I had booked to go scuba diving as I am qualified diver but I still missed the hotel breakfast. I boarded a ferry cruise which sailed the divers to an island where we would do two dives and have a lunch break in between. The water was crystal clear and as we descended we had a beautiful view of the ocean floor. The visibility that day was very good. There was an old motor scooter that sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor which is now become a reef itself. I saw a variety of fish swimming and even a sea snake slithering on the ocean floor. I also spotted a star fish nesting on the sand bed. The group was very cool to dive with and the water temperature was very warm. I used my Go Pro Hero 3 to film this particular scene. I also saw a sting ray on the sand bed and a fish tried to attack it but failed to do so. I avoided touching any marine life because people have died as a result. The coral reefs were beautiful and colorful with lots of fish swimming around them. I even saw a lobster sneak back under the rocks as I approached it.This dive was definitely worth the price and once we surfaced the ferry took us back to shore where a shuttle drove us back to our hotel.

Day 3: I went to tour the monkey temple which I saw a variety of monkeys. They were climbing the trees and the rocks on the mountain that sheltered temple. They even ate some of the food we gave them including some bananas. I went inside the cave but there was not much to see and I had to climb all the way to the top only to have to run all the way back down again. We only spent thirty minutes at the monkey temple. Then I went to go swim with an elephant. He was in the water and I was scrubbing all the dirt off him with a sponge. The elephant was very pleased to have me wash him as he even smiled at me. He let me sit on his back while I would clean him and he would spray water on me as I was washing him. He was a lot of fun to swim with and I am glad he turned out nice and clean. Then the group were taken to the waterfalls in a jungle in Phuket Thailand. I met some Australian tourists there and we were all swimming together. I jumped into the river with my Go Pro selfie stick and took some video clips with my iPhone 7 catalyst case. I was able to film the doctor fish that were nibbling on my skin in the river. We all sat under the waterfall in which we all got a nice refreshing shower and then we all jumped into the river once more before the tour company transported me back to the Sunset Beach Resort Hotel.


Lucas Lukhele says:

Phuketh Island rocks… I really love the Scuba diving shots… It seems more like another planet altogether… That's what you do with money… Nice stuff!!!

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