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You can’t visit Chiang Mai, Thailand without taking an authentic Thai cooking class! We had the opportunity to spend a full day at the Thai Secret Cooking School. Obviously we haven’t been to every cooking school in Chiang Mai, but I can very confidently say the Thai Secret Cooking School is by far the best cooking school in Chiang Mai!

The day started with a trip to the local market to pick up ingredients that we would use during our cooking class. After that we took a short drive to the cooking school. The cooking is also an organic farm (and their lovely home!). So before we began our cooking class, we went out to the garden and picked ingredients like flowers and herbs to cook our delicious Thai food!

During the cooking class, we chose to learn to cook pad thai, spring rolls, Penang curry paste, Penang curry with pork, mango sticky rice, and other Thai dishes. May is the instructor that teaches the Thai cooking class. She has an awesome personality and makes everything so much fun! She definitely makes the experience even greater!

If you are visiting Chiang Mai, and you love food half as much as we do – Definitely go to a Thai cooking school. The Thai Secret Cooking School comes with our absolute highest recommendations! We had a blast!

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Joey Sheremeta says:

Thanks to you, Chiangmai Mai is going to be on my list of places to go!

Rajender Rajender says:

Coordinator was interviewed by channel nee asia singapore

Monica Jones says:

You guys inspire me! I love your energy and enthusiasm!

Steven J. says:

Wow! I want to cook and eat this one. It’s great video to watch an awesome Thai cooking. Thank you so much 😊

MammaBear says:

I love that you supported local business in this way. 🙂

Phil Bet says:

how much is it?

Elizabeth Rose says:

I love getting ready with your adventures everyday! Thank you!

Beverly Weber says:

Thank you guys! I so want to visit Chiang Mai…I have a friend that moved there from the U.S., retired there at the grand old age of 51, believe it or not, he loves it so much. I recently entered a travel writing contest — which I promptly LOST! — but which kindled my interest in visiting Chiang Mai. Your videos are only whetting my appetite for future adventures…thank you!

Joey yusof says:

love you guys, good job😍😍😍

John Skull says:

Hi Guys, first of all thanks so much for your excellent videos. My wife and I are moving to Chiang Mai in October, but first we are doing a recce trip in two weeks. After watching this video, I've already booked us a day at the Thai Secret Cooking School. Just love watching your adventures across the world.

Tara King says:

That Thai lady was so so so sweet and genuine I would absolutely love to meet her. She was such a cutie pie! And oh so happy and great sense of humor!!!

Roongpha CR says:

The trick to cook chilly paste with coconut milk , first you should pour vegetable oil flooding the chilly paste on the pan , when it get hot with smoke and good smell stir chilly paste ,do not let it burn and become black , when chilly paste start to red and brown with good smell you pour only oil out of fried chilly paste , left only fried chilly paste then pour coconut milk mix with fried chilly paste and heat up until start to boil and stir then put any meat vegetable that you want don't forget basil it will make awesome smell . add any salt or fish sauce little bit of sugar to make it yummy. then put into the bowl and eat it .

Roongpha CR says:

That kind of sweet basil use for cooking of pad kapoa pork in thai dish , and basil is use for general cooking.

Zet Ka says:

Looks like a lot of fun ! 🙂

Arisra Hrndz says:

go to thailand on april 12-15 its thai new year. great time to be around

agatha mala says:

karaaaa ure really cute!

AleksDrach says:

где их профессиональная кухня? Они реально учат или просто тур развлечение]??

Richard Longmore says:

Is anyone elce Realy hungry now

Richard Longmore says:

You two are great ! Just found this channel One of the best Thailand vlogs I've seen ! Nice work peeps

Kho Rob says:

still enjoying watching your vlogs. ….love your positivity.

Michael Westphal says:

leaving a comment

Mani Rathinam says:

Very nice to see, can you please subscribe my Channel, let me add you !!

Bob Nease says:

Man oh man do we miss Thai food!! That looked AMAZING!!!

Bear Jones says:

Loved this vid they both looked like they had fun

camille d says:

this vlog was so nice thank you

Dave Does Cambodia says:

That was awesome! I checked out their website and it's only 1200 baht for a whole day! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Laura p says:

You two are so much fun! Adventurous people are hard to find. Your so lucky to have found one another. I couldn't find anyone who would go with me to Thailand. So I have decided to go it on my own. The adventure of my lifetime. I leave in a few weeks. I'm so excited! Thank you for sharing your video. I hope the cooking class I have signed up for is half as much fun as the one you took.

Chong Hyun Yoon says:

Hello~ I myself film the footage when I go travel.
Your vlogs are awesome!
I love the songs you put into the vlogs~
Is there a website you get those cool songs from?

When I make the videos, it is so hard to find the songs that goes well with the video~

diane2366 erika says:

hi you two i found your video bloggs and have highlighted so many points and places im about to embark on , i was going to skip chiang mai but looks fab so big thanks x

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