The best Pattaya Hotel for $50 a night??? [Girl Friendly!!!]

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Is this the best Pattaya Hotel for $50 a night…??? [Girl Friendly!!!]

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Page 10 hotel in central Pattaya is a very good option with rooms from around 1600 baht ($50). This is a video from when I stayed there and it documents the room, the facilities and the surrounding area.

NB: Page 10 is a hotel that discounts rooms heavily based on occupancy rates, so it’s a good place to check at the last minute. I was once quoted 1300 baht a night in the low season which is fantastic value for the location and facilities. Please consider booking direct through the agoda links here: at no extra cost to yourself.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Outside the hotel and map location
0:22 Superior King Bed Room, 38 sq m
2:59 View from the balcony
3:54 Bathroom
5:49 Fitness Center, bar/restaurant and swimming pool on the 9th floor
7:00 Central Festival Mall, Soi Honey, the Base Condominium and the ‘Good Everything’ beer bar complex all nearby
8:26 Last look at the room
10:05 Balcony time lapse night to daytime
11:47 Reception
12:12 Outro

Additional notes:

Disclaimer: Bangkok 112 is 100% independent and has never done (and never will do) any paid promotions. If any of the info provided is useful to you then please consider booking your hotels through the links on at no extra cost.

The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:
Clean, large room
Fantastic central location, shopping malls & bars are nearby and getting around Pattaya on the baht bus routes is a breeze
The beach is only a 1 minute walk away which is a big plus to some people
Separate bathtub and shower in a large bathroom
Quiet hotel rooms on the Central Festival side
Nice swimming pool on the roof

Bad things:
Room layout was a bit weird, desk in the corner, separate cabinet for fridge and tea/coffee making facilities
Room was a little rough around the edges in parts, unnecessary scuff marks here and there (easy fix you’d think)
Noise at night affects one side of the hotel from the ‘Good Everything’ bar complex (think it stops at 2am) – this might affect some people
WIFI comes up as poor in some reviews, although it worked fine for me
Fitness center was relatively small

The Ugly:
Wardrobe was in the bathroom, never seen that before! 🙂

Overall: So is Page 10 hotel the best in Pattaya for $50 a night? Probably not, but it’s in a great central location and you could do a lot worse for the same money.

I liked Page 10 hotel, and I’d stay again as it is a good choice in central Pattaya. Thinking back nothing particularly stands out as being excellent about the hotel, but that’s no bad thing really because nothing was bad either…

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Is this the best Pattaya hotel for $50 a night? Answer in the comments below…

mikgus says:

one problem with p10 if you get a room on this side can be the bayview parking guard and his whistle. Has woken to him a couple of times

galangal kid says:

Pandering is a Felony. Meet the US Attorney General.

Brent L says:

Stayed here twice. Great hotel in pretty good quiet location however the rooms are getting a bit run down. Great rooftop pool and view but I paid a bit more when I was there. Next time would look somewhere towards LK Metro.

jerry ellis says:

You wasted your money.. lk royal suites and lk royal wing are much better..

Kevin Fogarty says:

What does girl friendly mean?

Sang S says:

High floor. Big room. Free? Hope so.

Gary Reed says:

I'm wondering what goes on in the Condo with the Purple Lights on all night.

john j says:

Does condom size of 49mm refer to diameter? Who has 49mm small thing…

andrew ealam says:

The Balcony looks a Bit Tight and I think for a Little bit more Money you cant beat Amari Nova Suites Far Better

Desmond Hammill says:

112, can you do the Levana hotel just past 3rd road sometime in the near future? Reviews are good and prices seem really good. Pool seems nice too!

Brummie Brink says:

Great video Bangkok 112

Wailofaloon says:

Yes but the vast majority of the US isn’t a s***hole like Pattaya. So 50 bucks to be next to toxic polluted roads, beaches and sea, plus streets full of prostitutes isn’t exactly going to be charging top dollar to exclusive people.

solverinus 2 says:

Stayed in page10 a few years ago and loved it. (I think, I paid around 60 € back then.)
The beach is not good there, though.
Guests had to show their id to reception, but no hassle or extra fee.
Excellent video, as always. Thumbs up!

Jimmy Chang says:

I hope you can introduce some good monthly rental room

45flavius says:

lol…page 10 strange for a name ? why ?do you prefer page 69

Mdmchannel says:

are their condoms in the mini-bar?

Gordon French says:

Which do you think is better? Adelphi or page 10?
I’m coming to Pattaya on April.

John C says:

Kept thinking what 50 bucks gets you here in the states. Nothing close really.

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