The Best Girl Friendly Hotel in Pattaya

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Pattaya Zing hotel at jomtien beach is one the best affordable hotel
Most friendly and helpful staff ever, so lovely and great first impression of hotel. This hotel has a large swimming pool, free Wifi, comfortable beds and a TV
Best part about this hotel is that it is cheap and guest friendly

Book Pattaya Zing hotel here ( Make sure to skip the 5 sec ad)

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The Crazy Italian says:

Looks like a decent hotel! Big Crazy Like 😉

Abdul Mannan says:

wher is this!

Maung Tun says:

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Tani Music says:

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nitin awari says:

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محبي الطيور المغردة says:

🌺 محبي الطيور المغردة 🌱 "like very much" 🌱 محبي الطيور المغردة 🌺

Somjit Bhattacharyya says:

A good hotel no doubt…

Mahender Kumar Sherawat says:

bhai aisi buffallo se aachi to dedlhi mein mil jayegi @Rs.500 to 1000 mein

Love Singh says:

She name is chain

Love Singh says:

I knw she’s

Wong Wai-Kit says:

Omg u landed a whale

rakesh aggarwal says:

where your hotel and charge per night and what is your hotel name

Rocky And Derrick Show says:


velvia74 says:

here's a tip for you: move the camera slower. especially since you are shooting with a low res and low frame per second camera. Look at how bangkok 112 does it. He moves the camere very slowly from A to B. That will improve the quality of your videos a lot.

lee butler says:

Who was the geezer putting the lipstick on?

Marcozo T says:

Great video and review of this hotel! Thanks for sharing 🙂

WorldWar3gaming says:

Looks pretty tidy.


Nice upload! Thumbs up!

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