The Best Breakfast Buffet in Pattaya? Casa Pascal Restaurant

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Casa Pascal has a great buffet breakfast here in Pattaya, Thailand. This restaurant is located on Second Road right across from Avani Hotel (the former Marriott). I tried almost everything they had and I was impressed by it all. The coffee was very good, the omelette was spectacular, all of the dishes were quite good. The cost is $8 however you can get a discount card if you go there seven times. The price is not a bad value considering the quality and the fact that it is all you can eat. I’ve seen some other breakfast buffets at hotels for around $3-$5 but the quality of the food was quite terrible. That was not the case with this place.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Ferg Bongo says:

Do you ever show your face on cam?

Da Mobb says:

somebody mentioned that you crashed your scooter. how did you get a new one so fast

Wail fmh11 says:

good 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

E MP says:

What's proper tipping ettiquite in Thailand?

Shop Got says:

Good Vid Charlie, are the beaches in Phuket reserved for tourist (People with money) only? If not, and not too expensive you should do a video exploration

Nick Lopes says:

Another awesome vid CC. Thanks man.

陈港生 says:

My shit in the toilet is better than the quality of that buffet

陈港生 says:


richie rich says:

Nice. Congrats on the camera and 70k. Blow it up 🥇💥💥💥💥

brallor bow says:

Was there once, will probably come back if I have a craving for western breakfast. Decent food and excellent value. Recommendable.

Papy Choelo says:

Good video… and keep it Up! No rain vids anymore bro 🙂


Don't forget your retard sugar water. The chemical white sugar which causes many diseases is natural and healthy. Cheap Charlie.

funnyguyhahahaha says:

What's the song name at the end?

rocco197692 says:

Wow that looks sooo yummy!!! Congrats to 70.000 subs charlie 👍👍👍👍

jimmy6154 says:

it is not pronounce Ge-eff… it is just Jeff spelled differently…

DON 1 says:

270bht…………. i,d fill my belly proper with all that food, even take a few deserts for later….. even make a few sandwichs and take them with you why not. cheap days eating.

โปล์ ดั้มส์ says:

Wow Charlie you can eat a lot.

scippio africanus says:

250 baht is a lot for bfast

Manoel da Silva says:

how about menu…costs, money..price….cheap or expensive/costly……chekclist….show at…..good vlog and good luck…hit for you
here from Brasil…..o pais tá meio que crítico mas tá se levando…..sucesssos
shalom lekh…peace for you, in thailand

Hubub Armour says:

Excellent breakfast review there Jackson!! And finally I see motorbike footage!

Pam Chainey says:

Nice breakfast buffet and excellent vlog!!!

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