The Beautiful Russian Women of Pattaya Thailand

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A video showing the Russian women in Pattaya, I also share my thoughts on the Russian bars in Pattaya and show the Russian hotspot on Beach Road.


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Laysia Tube says:

For 300$ you could get an actual 5/5 Russian escort in the States. These bitches look gross and overpriced.


Not one of them biatches smiling…

{S O L T A N} says:

New and incredible challenge…I challenge you
Follow us please

john water says:

I need pure females…. No ladyboy plzz

john water says:

Hi Thailand Red…. How much will it cost to hire 6 Russian girls for a day…. It's for a music album but as a side dancer. Plz note- its not for escort and other services. Plz reply… Coz I Russian girls for a music album….. Plzz do reply

andrew zothansiama says:

I wish they have a good a life.Pray for them

david neill says:

i have seen russian girls at the cooc nut bar 1000 baht but rather have the brown bums

Guido DeMaio says:

These Russian girls all look hard, I will stick with the Thai girls. Go to Russia if you want Russian girls.

Bakra Lover says:

how much for a shot or hour

Mugen Power says:

I asked many times what city such russians girls are from and most of them answered ukranian city

RUSLAD says:

Страшные то какие, господи

Geezy Squeezy says:

Don't look hot to me

Gio Gio says:

soviet girls in thai sex market????

Master Roshi says:

Looks like a great place to be

Master Roshi says:

Fuck yeah I be into them how much in Aussie dollars youse reckons? Short time and long time price?
Cheers 🍻

Samuel VL Peka says:


D Toy says:

These are the gap toothed unibrow Russian girls. Where are the truly hot ones?

Bhak Sala says:


MEN 101 says:

No money, no honey.

El Jay says:

@2:21… check out the grip this bitch has got on him lol… she wasnt letting go

B Ware says:

Most of them look not very friendly.,sad woman…

Pe J says:

5:36 what is the song???

Ivan Ivanov says:

it's jioke, i hope

Jhon Malkovich says:

Anyone in the mood for some expensive attitude ? You can take it home for a pretty penny and have it all night.

Ulrich Vos says:

Please define "extremly expensive". How much is the barfine? How much will the girl charge for one night?

ernest hemingway says:

0:28 look her knee

Alan Chin Weng Lon says:

Some what the scene at 6:42 , ladyboy , Russian and the GoGo Girls creates an interesting story over there ….
Not sure why but it's kind a odd but stunning…..
There are quite some nice Russian and they deserved better job.

John Seipp says:

I only saw one Russian girl here that I'd even consider being with.

mysirius1000 says:

Russian ladies need love too.

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