The Amazonian Russian Women of Pattaya, Thailand

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Throughout my travels in Pattaya, Thailand, I have come across many Russian women believed to have come from a long lost Amazonian tribe. This is a compilation of different footage from the last 6 months.


cris brunnner says:

What does angel wings chick say at 53 secs Charlie?

hsu94533 says:

It cost 10 thousands dollars to get a Russian bride

Kacey Dillin says:

Charlie, you gotta go to Nikoleav Ukraine….

Graham Murray says:

Thailand for thais. Want russkies go to moscow

subhankar deysarkar says:

Hi, which of these are hookers?

david S says:

Most of the girls were meh, to say the best… The girl kick boxing was hot AF though… So hot, but probably scary when mad… So I'll go for the meh… Ilmfao

O'G 15 rounds says:

Who is stupid enough to Fly toThailand !!! to spend money & time with a Russian or Ukrainian You would have to be a dumb dumb ass Man In Thailand So stupid if you want to monger like that Go Czech Republic or Romania, Buda -Pest , Moldives They are Dime a dozen for one of them chicken heads Must be Caucasian. America or Moorish American born Neophyte Monger posting this Vid

darren millar says:

how much for russian girl for a week

Anthony Palumbo says:

Russian girls, beautiful on the outside, cold as ice on the inside !!

Don Marti says:

Why didnt you guys go eat with pretty Russian girls an interview them

Don Marti says:

80.000 good to see Hollywood Sean

Ro Ro says:

Good to see some variety here. But, we want more Thai girls!

Don Marti says:

More nite life videos

Don Marti says:

This is the videos that made CC

Al B Here says:

not for me, but is there a culture of other nationalities of ladyboys other than Thai/Asian there?

Al B Here says:

not for me, but is there a culture of other nationalities of ladyboys other than Thai/Asian there?

Qtba says:

Russian Girls Are the Best

Lockbar says:

One of the best CC videos ever. Charlie, the Russian girls seem to be more friendly to you than the Thai girls…..

Chris Andrews says:

I had a really bad experience in the Russian bar that you go upstairs to – a few years back – I’m surprised they are still in business – in fact the Russians seem to be taking over

userwl2850 says:

Done 3 of them in pattaya. They always say they are from Moscow but most are from Ukraine. Makes a change.

Big Dan T says:

Russian chicks are heavy smokers and heavy drinkers, they don't age well. Plus they are high maintenance. I will take a nice Thai lady over any Russian anytime.

Les Grossman says:

"Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out, leave the West behind." 😀

EnterTech says:

You are great cheap Charlie

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