The Amazing Thai Naked Coconut

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See a young Thai coconut peeled. Watch the succulent, white coconut endosperm meat sack exposed. Also known as a snowball. Our reporter, Ashby has investigated and uncovered an alleyway coconut shop in the Thai town of Bang Putang, on the outskirts of Bangkok where the love of sweet young coconut is on the streets for all to see.

วิธีการปอกเปลือกมะพร้าวอ่อน มะพร้าวกินได้ทั้งลูก กินได้ทั้งลูก มะพร้าวน้ำหอม วิธีทำมะพร้าวคว้าน มะพร้าวอ่อนกินทั้งลูก มะพร้าวถอดเสื้อ

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kuna says:

Nice comment my friend. Good job.

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COOL! Always wonder how they did it, finally with this video.

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Cool videos man. Subbed.

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great video. Just found your channel, I subbed.

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Excellent art.

Daniel Tea says:

yes that knife pok throw lol

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The whole time I was like good bye to my fingers💁

Lakshminarayana pg says:

awesome skills

Mahir Zain says:

Awesome bro

Jesica Budiasa says:

how much are you selling the kit for?

Addai Mununkum says:


Can anyone help me to get this buffalo horn knife? Where can I buy?

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